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Happiness, love and health always be with you my friends! 
Wonderful weekend that I wish all friends 
A good day starts with a good plan, a good day starts with a smile, a great day starts with a gesture, a new day begins with you, my friend, 
Every day, just started to bring you only good thoughts, good feelings. 
There are so many sad souls in the chaos of life and we should do something, even the smallest thing: Give a smile, a kind word, a word of consolation, a hope, a word of encouragement ... Remembering a smile persists, sometimes for a lifetime, even if you only a moment. If you want to be loved, give hope, in your way, if you meet a man too tired to give you a smile, gives that smile and he will be happy. 
I want peace to be my best friend, I want your trust and support staff that want faith to give you wings can fly more easily
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