Hey everyone to the furry community...I haven't gotten myself into roleplaying as of late. I've been going through family issues. Btw, I'm not fully ready to introduce myself what my actual name is so u guys be patient alright?

Name: Celeste Dragonheart
Age: Immortal
Species: Dragon
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Muscular Men/Women, Pregnancy, Romance
Dislikes: Rape, Jerks, Idiots, Inexperienced RPers
Height: 63ft
Weight: 42k Ibs
Bio: Unknown History
[Picture will be added later toda]

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Anyone want to rp with this bear
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Anyone here?

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My name is Leo, though at my job they know me as "The Fallen Angel". My job isn't exactly the most usual thing, though I seem to be really good at it and people really enjoy it so I guess it works right?

I step up onto the backstage area and smile a bit too myself, biting my lip with a bit of anxiety. It was kind of a routine for me to help calm the nerves. Taking a breath a mouth the words of the announcer as they call out to the crowd for attention

"Okay everyone, now here is a special treat. One I know you all love coming to see. Please give a warm welcome to the house's personal 'Fallen Angel' and be careful ladies. He brought his own music today!"

I couldn't help but smile as the curtain opened up to reveal me standing there, half way buttoned shirt and tan pants. The song Work from home (Male version) plays over the speakers as I step forward and start to slowly move my body. Taking care to move around perfectly to the beat and keeping it as sensual as I can, which was clearly working if the number of shouts and whistles coming from everyone in the club was any info.

I closed my eyes and continued to move, getting lost in the music while playing with my shirt and chuckling to myself as I undo the buttons, biting my lip a bit too add to the sexy look. To anyone watching it was almost as if doing this job was the most natural thing in the world to me.

Slowly however the song came to and end and the lights dimmed enough to hide me from view.

It didn't take long for them to come back though as the Song "Sexify my love" came on. Revealing me now shirtless as I threw the shirt off into the crowd and continued to dance about to the beat again


(Y/N) had been watching the whole night, just enjoying a night out with your friends. But the night got even better when the "Fallen Angel" came out on stage and basically stole the show. After the first song you found yourself locked on the show and just watching intently, as if the male's dance was hypnotic it held your attention with every small move. All you knew was by the end of the second song you just had to meet him

You then...

/Descriptive rp, 2 line minimum please. No text talk, content "Akuno" if interested followed by character name and gender please. Males are allowed though females preferred./

//Will do reposts, Yiff is allowed as well/

anyone want to rp here is my kik PepsiCola_12345

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(open rp)
I was at the pool in the water on a floatable raft relaxing with not a care in the world when you...

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you and I have been partners in crime, ever since we were little, you'd steal toys from other kids for me. But ever since we got out of school you'd stayed away from me. The city had gotten dangerous, fights,gangs,guns. You had ran into me as I was walking down an alleyway one night ((around midnight)), you pulled out a pistol aggravated and you..

(Males preferred but females may rp as males!)
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[Open Rp]

I was a young 19 year old Hunter, and i Was walking near the river bank, stalking for my prey. As i Was sitting in my Hunting tower, i checked my rifle few times, before pulling a picture of me and my dad. I looked at it for a moment when I heard a twig snap. Thats when you...

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name: Hunter Foxx
age: 16

gender: male

sexuality: straight

bio: This red fox used to be very shy and keep to himself all the time. Now he is more determined and outspoken and enjoys making new friends. He is kind, still a bit shy, and loves to be himself.

likes: listening to music, reading, singing, chocolate, being himself, drawing, making new friends, jokes, being romantic, VIXENS, being petted

dislikes: rap music, bullies, violence
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