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Rp anyone? Hangouts or pp, i cant plot sorry ;-;

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Name: Artemis (Art)

Age: 15

Height: 4'7"

No owner

Likes: Fish, tacos, belly rubs, mice

Dislikes: birds, sex

Bio: His parents couldn't afford to feed the family, so they sold the oldest one, who happened to be Art.

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Name: Yuri

Age: 17

Height: 5'9"

If you have a owner or not:Not at the moment

Likes:music, naps, tummy rubs, pats on the head, and fish

Dislikes: birds, mice(& rats), and really loud noises (such as thunder, construction work, etc.)

Bio:Yuri doesn't remember much and what he does remember he would rather keep it to himself
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This is my neko that I created I hope u like ^-^

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Name: Liz
Age: 3 in cat years. (Or 18 in human years)
Gender: female
Neko Species: cat
Bio: is a very submissive neko.
Owners: none.
Lives in: cage. Waiting for human to buy her

Name: LaoKaka (I'm TaoKaka's same age sister for my fellow Blaze Blue fans)
Age: eighteen
Height: six foot two
Likes: meat, candy, tummy rubs, ear scratchies and kind people who tollerate her hyperactiveness and randomness.
Dislikes: meanies.
Bio: HI HI HI I'M LAO I LIKE CANDY...serious face time makes a serious face Lao is Tao's sister, we have so much fun playing together, Lao looks like Tao but Lao has red hair, Lao is also taller Lao thinks, Lao is open to naughties (if this comunity alows it) but Lao wants to friends you first. LAO SAY BY NOW MEOW!!!!

Lao say she has no mistress or master.

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Name: Bryan
Age: 18
Height: idk
If you have a owner or not: Nope
Likes: catnip, pets and fish, sleeping in the sun
Dislikes: Dogs, rude people, rainy days and thunder
Bio: Doesn't remember his past as he was heavily abused by his "parents"
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Thanks for the invite :3

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Name:test subject #223




Doesn't have a owner

Likes:music and sleeping

Dislikes:people being messed with.

Bio: he doesn't rembeber much 
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