Another thing about subcultures, they are not made just for looks or the way we dress.  They are made to eventually to be a safety net much like churches, mosques and temples only that a subculture person doesn't like those.  So like the hippie movement, there are punks, metal heads, goths and rock genre's that support bikers, rap and whatever Madonna is all about but they all exist in the world of Rock n Roll and they are the priests of this existence of roaming migration, material and spiritual support.  So somehow the world just became satanic and you don't have to worry about being cut off from a social security ( not the government aid ).  How many music fans, I don't know but everybody listens to something but don't want to sing psalms and other religious music. But you can just still dress for it.

I hope Suzanne heard nothing.Now here it is-Assemble a group of 5 or 6 and have a 5 against 1 or a 4 against 1 competition.You only have to do it once taking turns.This form of exercise or training will hyper-circulate your whole system.It can be hide and seek, tag, basketball, soccer, football, trivial pursuit or wrestling in place of martial arts.Just don't get injured over this crap so you can do it the next day.Tell the others to position of their choice and position yourself to see fit and 'start' when your ready.Its a game of losing and not winning and all professional athletes train to lose so their sleep and nutrition can make them stronger the next day or week. I'm mistaken for genetics over my aptitude but I've been minded to harm for 20 years filling up this invisible 5-6 bodies and with your real physical bodies can do the same.If you ever get that far, you will relax, want more or different activity of competition.   

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Day 4 or I cant remember.  I don't know who you are next to me but I thought of this a bar or a club?
I was thinking about who really owns this world if you think of it.  We all own property and some of us pays mortgage and the land will go back to the bank if we cant pay it. 
We all owe property taxes and there is a bold print paper somewhere that identifies ownership.
But then,  if we pass ownership after our decease to nobody and by who's default will this property go to for free?  I never seen a place where it says " nobody owns this place now and it is not for rent, purchase, owned by any private or public company and no trespassing ! "
Well, it always seems like somebody just got these plots of land for free just because there is no successor.
We just follow this trail of " Who Owns After ".  Something like the Commonwealth,  the Queen pretty much owns it ultimately after the country and the provinces but if we were to just ask the Queen if the monarchy was just put aside for a second and wonder who's going to take it other than dispersed among citizens or a foreign power.
Would it be the Vatican?  WRONG !  There is a place called Church of England and it is separated from the Vatican,  but it doesn't mean it doesn't have influence in other lands.
What about Switzerland?  There is something very suspicious about that place with claiming neutrality, holding valuables for notorious people,  being a center for regular international meetings,  Swiss Guards for the Vatican, Hitler never marching through it.  Did he know somebody in there?  He's been in there before.  And neutrality does not clarify as peace,  it means ' let the world do the dirty work, and we become heroes for cleaning it up every-time' . 
 I think that peace title goes to the UN perhaps who holds responsibility when there was ever a mess or a mistake and holds the title for neutrality or any other country who comes in aid sacrificing their peaceful image but pays some price and not staying in some sidelines still saying 'peace' only because somebody else helped first. 
 A credit would also go to something like Israel for this because they see some WMD buildup and bomb it and they look bad for it every-time it happens and never gets credit for saving their Arab neighbors.

I never really thought this before I typed and meditated as I went along so there's really no report about it and I forgot who actually keeps owning after the previous owner is set aside and I'm not really saying the ones that were named do,  I just couldn't really go further to my knowledge.  But I did tell you that somebody owns you and your property for free if there is an investigation done.  Maybe if we can make the rent move backwards, the true owners may pay us rent exactly like property taxes.
I want a tequila this time, and would you please do that dance for me.

I don't know why it bothered me so soon,  I don't know if it was the tequila or shy dancer.
Have you ever thought there is a connection between self-esteem and superior beings including aliens?  We are all almost born prodigies until we reach some grade that put us in a place where we are taken advantage of and told you cannot possibly know anything beyond this grade.  Add to stacks, we are given texts made by people who try to author matching their knowledge into some near babble that the junior cannot understand either, when it was a lot easier just mimicking neighbors, parents and the TV and were absorbing complex things if they were ever uttered. 
There is always some system devised more complex to the things that are obvious and objective and it becomes a contest to see who can just memorize more and there is a lot of us that just dropout because of this memorizing bullshit.  How about Sense?  Has anybody tried to make sense of this stuff so we don't have to memorize them and have a memory of it that cant really be located anywhere but in the Long-Term Memory without really trying? 

I've read books with jargon and I have read books that just talk and I don't really know people who like jargon but I usually find them a bit conceited about being superior in some way, even to the point of just a different language and culture and always see some folk who live in huts, tents and RV's as people to feel sorry for and need to be given clothes and charity when in return they respond " yeah, yeah, thank you "
Then some alien somehow parachutes to earth and pray to god who helps them get started whether he is on a mission or was never told what he was doing here.  The one with the mission obviously is here to take over the world and never was here to be intervening into anything because the people who are in charge are pretty much into the same thing.
The other one however is vulnerable to whatever culture raises it and develops the same intelligence as whatever raises it and never through life has or will ever be exposed as a genius and will be exactly limited as a human being,  whatever animals, plants or bugs but never the arrogance of the pride of those who call themselves as superior either in the name of humanity or any other ultimate unifying word. 
So those who maneuver in slang, shoot each other up and go to confession regularly probably see reality more clearly than those who have a mental collection of rules or laws.  Anyway, if you were a target of pickpocketing or sudden assault,  you were probably thinking of your human trafficked prostitute and putting up that upstanding citizen face of yours and calling races, nationalities and ethnic groups as people that are pests but in reality, they are thankful you think that way so they can call it the only way.
They're just afraid of people like me because it was a lot easier when the superior people were still superior and never doubted it and exposed those that used them for agriculture.  I'm not really trying to expose crime, I'm just saying there is a certain way of thinking and those that don't follow are not all about deficiency.
Anybody really can be but even in star trek we are aliens and neither one of these captains,  kirk or picard ever settled for a bow down or a bow to and did not believe any of them aliens were superior even though there may be an outwitting streak and never was an episode of running away scared but to adapt in whatever way and never looked down on an alien as inferior because an aggressor is just an aggressor, a drug addict is just a drug addict, and in the galaxy do you want to know what were thought as and we go into places to correct things and destroying some ecosystem?  Do we need to raise the animals, plants, insects into homo sapien standards and bring to life abiotic material and artificial intelligence?  We will look like single cell people to some up there with brain as DNA that makes us behave so I don't think were really coordinated to become this One machine as a utopia unless we are sensually satisfied not to invade others skin.  No movement, No Violation,  Rest and Peace.
So this whole thing was about drugs really and what a person or a bunch of people might do if it was illegal, immoral, counterculture or any other misfit and it is insulted to only about the people who don't give us any.
If you look at the song before this, it's called "More" of course by The Cure.  Let's see if I can get the dancer to strip....

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Here's the song and instructions to this club.  Only if Robert had told any stories or cons and said anything to confess to.  Fraudulent alright but not a lie since nothing was spoken.  Want to take his Role?  or maybe a Suzanne?

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No, Robert Smith didn't.  He still wears makeup to look like a ghost.
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