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Thanks to everyone that joined this community!
If you want to RP in the community, you have 2 choices, you can either RP as a Canon Character or a OC. If you go for the OC, please use the template I gave you. But if you RP as a Canon Character, let me know and I'll save your name with the character. Well save this as the pinned post so you'll know who's who.
+Stardust Child-Handsome Jack
+Kek Just-Scooter

Im here just joined im making a sniper character can I use a skullmasher? (My favorite gun)

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New RP community. If you are a fan of Zootopia, join this.

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When a community you like is dead and you're just like...
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(( anyone wanna RP? This community is dead ))

High Five!

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you see the 6 Vault Hunters that took down Handsome Jack and his beast

(( I'm taking over for the Main 6 from the 2ed game for now ))

Man, this place died quickly
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