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((Male or female needed for this role play!))

Rose is a shy and unpopular girl, she was a junior at North High School . She felt very out of place as she was taking pictures of a sport even for her school. She was the most talented photographer in year book club and her mind floated off to a memory

"This is the biggest game of our season! North versus south! You have to be there, you are our best photographer, you will get amazing shots for the yearbook"

Mr. Wycoff, the head of the yearbook club exclaimed

"I-I don't know if I will fit in well but I'll try"

Rose responded awkwardly

Rose quickly went back into the reality. She focused and was taking pictures on the side line. She regretted not bringing a coat to the late night game. She shivered slightly, trying not to mess up her photos.

The entire team was celebrating the win against their biggest rival. Rose started walking off the field, still shivering. She heard some one shout her name so she turned around and looked at you. She gasped a little and blushed. It was (your name), one of the most popular guys/girls of the school, one of the best players on the team, and a senior. He/she was using as a her/his team jacket as a flag to get Rose's attention. (Your name) jogged over to Rose and gave Rose his/her jacket. He/she thought Rose was very hot

"I noticed you were shivering, figured you needed it more than I did"

(Your name) said to Rose. Rose accepted the jack awkwardly and nodded

"So what's your name, I think I've seen you taking some pictures before. You always escaped before I could talk to you"

(Your name) asked and explained

It's umm Rose, s-sorry

Rose stuttered awkwardly

You are the popular sports player! The rest is up to the rp! I'm looking for a descriptive role player(2+ lines preferred)! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Ummm I think that's it!

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Name) Delilah

Age) 23

Sexually) Lesbians

Turn on) Grabbing, Licking Hard Sex Kissing and Groping

Turn Off) None

Relationship Status) Single
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(Open roleplay for a female)

We hadn't been very close friends, but we were still friends. We had conversations every once and a while. I never tried to talk to you, but when you came and started a conversation, I would respond. We had been matched up to work on a science project together. I invited you to come over to my house after school

Now was your chance. You've had sex with a few other girls before and I unknowingly was your next target. My body was one of the only reasons you kept contact with me

We were at my house now, working on the project. In your purse you had a few sex toys for our little fun time you had planned. I was in a tank top and shorts as we sat on the couch together. Then you went in for your first move which was...

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you are the lustful high school biology teacher who has secretly fucked a hand full of girls from this school. Your next target was me. At first glance i look innocent but i was the slutty bitch at school and you were dying to taste my pussy
a couple hours ago in class
as you hand out final results your plan begins to unfold, you give me my purposely incorrectly graded test back with a result of a 69%. You planned to make stay after school

You: miss, please visit me after class. I must discuss your grade on your last test. I'm very disappointed.

you got up close to me and whispered in my ear

You've been a very bad girl

Me: Y-yes Ms. (last name)

present time in my office afterschool, just us

you check under you desk where there is a box full of lesbian sex toys, your plan was to seduce me. Knowing that I was a slutty bitch

i walk in
Why did you give me a 69% Miss. (Please for me your first and last name for the rp)

you walk up to me and get close
Your answers weren't exactly correct

~the rest is up to the rp~

((Here's some rules
- No one liners and please be descriptive.
- No text talk
- Use correct grammar please
- Please give me your role play first and last name
- I'm the girl in the red coat
- Your the sexy and seductive teacher
((Ask before we start and have fun, ask a question if you need to))

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Name: Amy Spears

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Female
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Name: sapphire

Age: 16

Gender: female

Sexuality: lesbian

Bio: a genetic engineered girl that has a normal brain growing up in a small town has been home schooled but decided to try public school

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Name: Mariana

Species: Neko

Age: 16

Sexuality: Lesbian

Likes: having her ears played with, catnips, making friends

dislikes: when her big sister spanks the shit out of her every time she misbehaves (in other wards a lot)

"Pain! Without Love! Pain! Can't Get Enough!"
(Can be Straight, Futa, or Lesbain. I will always be the guy when the roleplay is straight but I don't mind switching up the roles in the other choices. If you can't follow the rules I may abandon. If you prefer me being a futa or want a lesbian roleplay then just say so. I am female but I can roleplay as both guy and girl.)
You are my fuck buddy, my booty call.. The names go on and on. To be honest you've always liked me as more then that. Though you don't know how to say how you feel most of the time. I was the punk rock, mohawked, in a band, bad boy. I was smart as hell but found school boring.. Which led to the fight I got into..
You let out a sigh as I undress in front of you, my body covered in tattoos, bruises, cuts and even some places where my piercings had been ripped off. Though it looked a little painful it wasn't gross, honestly it just made me more bad ass looking to have scars. I look at you, raising an eyebrow as I smirk. "Don't like what you see? I can go somewhere else if you want. Blowjobs are cheap sweetcheeks." My attitude needed fixing, you knew that but you also knew about my other sides. You knew the part of me that would fuck you everyway, everywhere IF I had the chance.. But you also knew the part of me that sent you roses every weekend during February, that bought you chocolate every time you got your period, the side that would listen to everyword you said, would do anything you asked if I had the money. You looked up at me and...
(Yeah it's a bit short but I didn't want to mess up any story you would think of. We are both punk rock teenagers, around 16 and 17 years of age. You can choose what you look like and everything but remember you are submissive. You have to be descriptive, do at least 4 lines, and be female. When I say be female I mean your character. I'd love song references and if you have any kinks you want to include just ask me first. No vore, gore, piss and shit allowed. You have to be human. You may choose to make us villains but no metahuman stuff. Scratches and biting along with other hardcore vanilla is going to go down. No text talk or emojis.)

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