Name: Helena Davids


Age: 34

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Psychologist, Head of the Iron City Project

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Appearance: Black hair, ice blue eyes, average skin tone

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 96Lbs

Weapons: She carries a collapsible shock prod, and a pistol

Equipment: Various scientific

Skills: Manipulative, Intelligent

Powers/Abilities: She possess no abilities beyond normal human

Weaknesses: Her thinking is very logical, so people doing very stupid things often confuses her, unless of course, she knows the person well enough to expect it

Personality: Relatively emotionless, very intelligent,

Biography: She was born and raised in Metropolis, to a known scientist and his assistant. She was always good in school, getting very high grades and easily getting her high school diploma. She went into university studying psychology, where she received news that her parents had both been killed in their lab by one of these so called "super-criminals." She didn't react well, but got over I fairly quickly. She was one of Hugo Strange's assistants, her quickly learning many things. After his death, and his program shut down, she took about a dozen TYGER guards, some equipment, and several scientists involved, and began to recreate the program, with the exception of Strange's alternative goals.


Iron City:
This place is located in the oldest sections of Keystone city, and houses inmates mostly from Iron Heights Penitentiary, but many are from the rest of the world as well. Even so called "Vigilantes" can be put in here too, after the series of laws requiring government registration.

Keystone Library: The tallest building in Iron City, and pretty close to central in the prison, it is held by Iron City Security Personnel, and the location for the weekly food drops. Status: In use

Keystone Aquarium: A large building within Iron City. Status: Abandoned

Keystone Zoo: A compound of several buildings surrounded by an exterior wall. All the animals were evacuated before Iron City finished construction. Status: Abandoned

Keystone Auto Manufacturing Building: A massive, slightly dilapitated old factory. Status: Abandoned

Keystone Fire Department: A building in Iron City. Status: Abandoned

Keystone Metro Station (West): A mostly underground building, connecting to the South Station. All tunnels leading outside have been intentionally collapsed. Status: Abandoned

Keystone Metro Station (South): A mostly underground building, connecting to the West Station. All tunnels leading outside have been intentionally collapsed. Status: Abandoned

Keystone Catholic Church: A very old building fairly close to the Library. Status: Abandoned

Name: Nita Blackwood

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Professional Assassin

* Eye Color:* Her natural eye color is Dark blue, almost black, her left eye is a yellow glass eye

Hair Color: Brown

Appearance: She's missing her real left eye, and a long scar going down that side of her face, her clothing matches the standard of it of the assassins in Batman: Arkham City

Height: 5'8

Weight: 104 Lbs

1 Ninjato
1 Compound Bow
2 Kunai
Around 12 six pointed shuriken
1 Garrote Wire

Equipment: Grapnel hook (the hand thrown kind), Smoke bombs

Skills: Both Unarmed and Unarmed combat, Archery, Stealth

Powers/Abilities: (She has no actual powers, although she is extremely well trained.)

Weaknesses: She can be overconfident

Personality: Proud, Intelligent, Ruthless

Biography: She was born in Keystone City. Her mother was a member of the League of Assassins, so when her father disappeared, her mother took her to be trained by the League. Her training started when she was seven, and continued until she was eighteen, when she started to go on actual missions. During one of these, her target (Keystone's mayor) survived, and she was arrested. She was not broken out, as punishment for her failure, and cast out of the league. She remained in Iron heights penitentiary for about a year, before "Iron City" finished construction. She was put in at a disadvantage, in the form of heavy metal handcuffs, which she had to pay an inmate to remove, although she had to beat them and their small gang unconscious in order to convince them to do so. She was able to get most of her old equipment in, but despite trying, she couldn't convince even the corrupt person she had payed to let her out. She's remained in the mega-prison since. 








Eye Color:

Hair Color:










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