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A short fun intro/review of the Principles of Design for schools. Enjoy and share around!

Brainstorm with me! I need to make a middle school history/technology unit for my Catholic school about Our Lady of Fatima. No matter what the subject matter is, what have you done in history projects to make them epic?

please is there anybody faced this kind of problem before?

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Thank you!

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Let's get started with building a Deep Learning Model in R, using Keras and Tensorflow, with this stepwise guide. #deeplearning #analytics #rstats #datascience

Hi everyone, where can I get background foreground annotated image data set? Thank you!

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Video conferences or online academic job interview meetings have been a game changer for recruiters, school districts, employers, and job seekers. Get tips here to ace your interview.

 Hello Deep learning Communities, I am on the way of choosing topic for my PhD study. My research area is on deep learning, I am a confused to select particular topic for my study. Which problem area is the best for the future career, and let me to explore more? Just I want to know your opinion! By the way, my background is computer science!

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Deep Genomics bring together machine learning and experimental biology. Their systems "predict the molecular effect of genetic variation, opening a new and exciting path to discovery for disease diagnostics and therapies." Brenden talks about the recently developed gene editing systems that has made it possible to edit our genomes. His talk focused around why machine learning and AI will play a central role in this transformation of medicine and of humanity.

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At the Deep Learning Summit, Roland Memisevic, Chief Scientist at Twenty Billion Neurons, will describe a new video dataset his team have created, showing objects engaged in complex motions and interactions. He will also show how neural networks can learn from this data to make fine-grained predictions about actions and situations.

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Avidan Akerib, VP of the Associative Computing at GSI Technology, will be presenting at the Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco, 26-27 January. We chatted to Avidan ahead of the Summit to learn more about in-place associative computing, the key challenges to further advancements in high performance memory, how AI will assist with pattern recognition in the future and Avidan's predictions for Deep Learning in 2017.
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