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Terumi was sitting back in the chair yawning with his hoodie on "Such a bore...It's been a while since I came out my room...Maybe today I'll actually learn. Or maybe I'll be the teaching...Sigh" He hears the door open and continue leaning back looking at the anyone who enters the class
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Name: Jotaro Kujo

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: (6'4)

Weight: (150)

Ability/power: i have a stand "star platinum" and it's one of the strongest stands that exist it has insane speed and it is strong enough to break through diamonds and my special ability is to stop time for 10 seconds

Personality: always serious and i barely show any emotion

Bio: i was a happy child but i eventually became serious and started getting into fights that i wouod always win and I'm the most Badass character ever

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Complete Thanks again +MLG Tye Blurry Face​​ for the invite

First Name~ Terumi
Middle Name~ Unknwon
Last Name~ Misogi

Age~ Unknown
Mental Age~ Unknown
Physical Age~ Unknwon

Gender~ Male
Sexuality~ Straight

Blood Type~ A

Height~ 6'4
Weight~ 134

Dominant Hand~ Right

Virgin?~ Unknown
Relationship Status~ Single forever alone
Love Interest~ None

Personality~ Dark, twisted and especially in combat he becomes very sarcastic and willing to say strange things (Non sexual) to creep out his foes

Occupation~ Walking, and experimenting
Hair Color~ Black and Dark green
Eye Color~ Black

Weapons~ Hidden pistol, A poison butterfly
Family~ Frost (+MLG Tye Blurry Face​​ asked to be)
Poison creation: This user is able to create any objects, animals, or even people with only the use of poison. His body is also able to be engulf in poison, although his is different and much more dangerous then other poisons through out the world.

True Self: Terumi was never human, His soul can enter other's body if there will is very weak. But, If Terumi is force out he will immediately leave a tiny bit of himself inside the opponent body, Once that happen Terumi will allow that tiny bit of himself infused with opponent soul, Giving that person many affects (Poison, Slow movement, Blurry vision, and a low chance of cutting off one of the six human senses)

Terumi Creation: Terumi can create many poisons but his most deadly, Is his crimson. The Crimson poison is based of acid infused with all effects that any poison can do, And if the victim isn't burned from the poison they must deal with the side effects.

Double Dosa: Terumi's body is able to cover himself in poison, But once the user is attack the attacker is infect with Terumi poison, allowing the victim to get double vision, And doubles the effect of original poison.

Crimson Death: Terumi engulf himself in crimson poison, This state Terumi is cover in All his poison but showing a crimson glow from his eyes, And can form any weapon while in this state. While protect by his own poison Terumi can also use the poison freely.
Friends~ +MLG Tye Blurry Face
Enemies~ None

0 - Worse than worst
1 - Extremely Poor
2 - Very Poor
3 - Poor
4 - Below Average
5 - Average
6 - Above Average
7 - High
8 - Very High
9 - Exceptionally High
10 - Perfect; Flawless

Health: 10
Strength: 8
Stamina: 9
Speed: 10
Flexibility: 6
Reflexes: 7
Intelligence: 9
Creativity: 8
Charisma: 0
Social Skills: 4
Confidence: 9
Style: 8
Humor: 10
Passion: 8
Spirituality: 10
Discipline: 7
Neatness: 8


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Name: Hisoka Morow

Age: unkown

Gender: male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 127

Ability/power: i am stronger and faster than a normal person, i can use my nen (sort of like ki aka like energy) to create my own special weapon called bungee gum i also use cards to fight

Personality: quiet and creepy

Bio: unknown
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Alright lets do this old man
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Name: Laxus

Age: 23

Gender: male

Height: (6'3)

Weight: (140)

Ability/power: i can use lightning and i can eat lightning to make me stronger but not my own

Personality: serious but i get friendly

Bio: was raised in a guild and decided to come here and be a meister

Name: Summer Spirit

Age: Late Teens

Gender: Female

Height: (feet) 5'6"

Weight: (pounds) 130

Ability/power: weapon transformation (Duel bladed scythe) witch hunter

Personality: laid back, introverted, curious, brave, willing to explore the unknown, even if it means getting into danger

Bio: because of her weapon abilities, she felt different and spent alot of time in the woods, often getting lost when she was younger, this exploration made her aware of nature, making her almost immune to madness, even tho it dwells inside from all of her childhood bullying. This madness is apparent in battles against foes. Her soul wavelength can easily be adjusted to fit a variety of wavelengths

+Summer Davis

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