hi guys! everytime i try to launch localcast in the kodi app, kodi crashes... anyone with the same problem?

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How this app is working with Android TV? Main thing I like with my old LG webOS TV is that you can control the volume when phone is locked, when I tried Chromecast that was not working. But sadly I have a lot of problems with controlling the streamed video, can't farward it, sometimes even pause but this might be the problem of webOS v1. Deciding whether to get an LED android TV or OLED webOS 3.5 TV for better local cast compatibility. Models in minds is Sony xe90 and LG oled c7. Maybe someone have them and could give some feedback about using them with LocalCast?

I always try casting showbox to my xbox one. It usually works on good days. But a lot of the times after connecting to the xbox, it'll just be a loading screen forever and on my phone it won't let me push play and it comes up as if there isn't data. It's so annoying when it won't play certain movies or shows. I tried turning it all off and on again and disconnecting.

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Hi there, can anybody help me.
I'm getting this screen/message on my tv

I'm using an android phone
Android version of LocalCast
Mx player as My video player on phone
Streaming through acestream app (live football)
Google chromecast on my TV

The streams work perfectly on my phone (using acestream and mx player) however when I try to share the stream to my chromecast via mx player I get the error screen. I use the same method to stream showbox videos and it works perfectly. Just having trouble with the live streams on acestream.

Help me someone!! Lol

Android version can open, bookmark, and cast, from Paste Link, the stream URI;

I can’t find a way to do the same thing on iOS. Am I missing something?

Hvordan kan jeg vite om jeg har den nyeste oppdaterte Beta-versjonen kjørende på S8'en min,og hvordan kan jeg sjekke om det er noe nytt og spennende på vei i planleggingsagendaen til Betaprogramutviklerne? Beste hilsen,Lars Jone Larsen

Beta features don't seem to show up.
. mkv videos do not want to cast.
. mp4 videos do not want to cast

Wondering if a language selection will ever be implemented, as well as a subtitle option, I see nowhere to change these options at present

I try to stream kodi an my smarttv, but my tv responds something like 'datatype incompatible'
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