Creepypasta by Pine

I wake up one morning, earlier than I usually do. I check my phone and see a text from one of my friends.

"Hey Mary! Check this game out girl"

I scroll down a bit further and see a video trailer she had sent me.

I click on it and watch for a few minutes, instantly attaching to the cute designs and clothes of the bunnies and foxes.

I checked App Store and see animal jam. proceeding to download it.

Once it had downloaded, I instantly opened the app and created my account, Sonkaii. (It was a random name I had came up with, inspired by aparri and bepper.)

I noticed things were very different from the trailer. Everything was black instead of showing jamaa township, My username showed "None" instead of Sonkaii, and instead of having a cute little wolf face on the icon thingy, there was nothing. Thinking it was just a glitch, I closed the app. But the second I turned it off, the sweet music of jamaa township had blared in my headphones for half a second. This obviously startled me, and left my ears sore for a minute.

Once it had booted back up, I logged back in, still a bit nervous from the blast of music.

It was ok for a minute, until a random jammer came up to me. His wolf was red and black, with a baseball cap and shoes. I just shrugged and didn't really think about how suspicious it was. He said he would trade me a spike and many other rares IF I gave him my password. Being a new jammer, I obviously wanted to be the coolest of them all. Without thinking, I accepted. I gave him my password. He obviously didn't give me anything in return because that wasn't how trades worked.

A few seconds later, he went offline to hack. Then, my character randomly changed to his character, except with devil horns and all red eyes. and all my gems disappeared. We went to my den and he edited everything to be creepy as ever. He used red painter's paw prints, trailing through the small house. A wolf banner hung where the prints started, and suddenly, an extremely realistic picture of a dead wolf appeared in front of it. He added red scented candles around it and a painted star underneath.

Then, he saved the den, and walked to the dead wolf. Suddenly, a few pictures of dead wolves flashed on the screen as a loud distorted blood splattering noise played. Finally, a message written in blood appeared.


A slowed down version of the jamaa township theme played as I stared in horror. Static faded in and once the screen was all static, the game crashed.

I rushed to App Store, hands shaking, and deleted the app, never to play again.

I tried turning my phone off, but when I did, instead of the screen going off, it showed a picture of a wolf with its head torn off, bleeding everywhere.

I slowly went to the settings, traumatized, and hit factory reset.

The End...?


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Check this

Here is a creepy thing in animal jam--

animal jam mating :)

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O FLOP I CAN DO A POLL!?11!???/!

mkay. who iz beder out of these ppl(i choze wafflekat45, shes my idle):
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was gonna have this as the group mascot but it turned into my oc

Lol im bad at uploading, so heres an upload :3

(whut am i doing wif mai lief Dx)

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| The Game | ( chapter 1 )

A normal jammer called bonnie was logging on to her account, she decided to go to her den and finish up what she was doing the other day. When she got to her den she saw something, something that she didn't put in her den, it was a game and it was glowing? She decided to play it to see what kind of game it was, it might be rare or it might be another normal game in the arcade. It wasn't like that at all. It felt like she was in the game. The screen was dark but then she saw a light, she walked towards the light, shivers going down her spine.

| Answers | ( chapter 2 )

She wanted to know what's going on, she wanted to know where this game came from, SHE WANTED ANSWERS. Still walking to the light, she saw a door, she ran to the door in anger `` I WANT ANSWERS! `` She yelled, her voice was shaking. She ran through the door, in a white room, her breathing was heavy. But then she saw what she was looking for... ANSWERS

| The end | ( chapter 3 )

She saw a wolf sitting down in front of a big sign, she began to walk towards the wolf in fear. The wolf turned around `` Oh, I see your stuck too.. `` The wolf said, the wolf seemed old so their voice was a little shaky. `` W-what? What do you mean stuck?? `` She was shaking and shivering, what did this wolf mean? `` People who play THE END game get stuck here forever, like it's an ending for animal jam. `` Her eyes widen and it felt like she stopped breathing. She fell to the ground passing out.

| Just A Dream | ( final chapter )

She woke up, she was breathing fast, She noticed she was outside her den.. Was it just a dream? She looked around fast, everything seemed normal.. She walked into her den and stopped breathing, her eyes widened.

The game was right in front of her.

- The end
Based off lily scaring me and putting a game in my den :c
- Bonnie72312/Crab Master

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The Unknown Jammer part 1

Once I was with some random person I just met and talked to them for a bit I wanted to talk to them... But my friendlist was full.... So I was going to empty it and saw a new jammer on my list and opened it. I couldn't unbuddy it for some reason and it didn't say New jammer at the top of where it usually would. And it had red markings which looked like blood. I told my friend I needed to refresh... She said "ok". So I refreshed and checked if the new jammer still looked like that or not.... It still looked the same...... So I was thinking "Why does it look like this?" I went back to my den where my friend was and said "Hey I can't unbuddy a buddy.. "then unbuddy a different one" I said "Ok" So I clicked on another buddy but the unknown buddy was still there... I thought "Mayyybe it's a glitch....?" So I went to email AJHQ but I couldn't logout or close the page.. I tried to refresh my computer but it wouldn't let me... Text appeared on my screen "Where are you going?" I was scared then. It was night too "Please dont leave me" More text appeared on the screen, I was so creeped out that i got up and walked away. Later I got on and the You have been logged out sign appeared, but it was all black with white words. So I logged back in and nobody was on ANY of the servers. None of my buddies were on.. My friend wasn't at my den.. I got goosebumps... I wanted to close the page REALLY bad I felt really scared. Then a tiger like the bloody one appeared and jamaa suddenly turned bloody right when the tiger appeared. When I opened the party thing it had no parties available it just said "YoU aReNt GoInG aNyWhErE2242223343332233" I felt like I was going to throw up. But I held it in. Suddenly my screen faded to black and I heard a scream through the computer.... I THREW OFF MY HEADPHONES!!!! Then my wolf appeared on the screen all bloody and messed up.... I was about to cry out of fear..
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