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The Ongoing Games Matchmaking Thread II

If you're looking to run or play a game of World Wide Wrestling, here's a thread to connect!

ORGANIZERS: Looking for players? Post the kind of game you're running, the medium (Skype? Hangout? Roll20? At a convention), timeframe (day and time) and the best way for interested players to get in touch with you.

PLAYERS: Looking to play? Introduce yourself, possibly including where you're located or what times you're available. If you want to follow up with an organizer, please start a new thread, send them a direct message (i.e. a post that's JUST to them, no circles) or contact them as they request in their post.

This thread is casual and self-directed, please be respectful of each others time. Thanks!

now ring the bell!!!

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I think I've become a wrestling geek.... Nice little magazine which covers wrestling from old school to new.... UK produced too which is nice
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There's been some interest from Gauntlet League Wrestling. So I've scheduled 4 sessions of World of Wrestling - This will have a more British Wrestling Vibe (see the write up below).

If you're interested they are running from 8pm (GMT) Thursdays - I'm planning on recording the sessions so a camera would be good if possible.

Sign up by clicking on the attending link for the chosen date and pressing the attending button. If an event is full let me know you're interested and I'll add you to the waitlist
4 sessions of Worldwide Wrestling RPG. This time with a very British feel.
note: you can join one, some or all the sessions without a problem

"Barry Dixon has a plan, a plan to change the face of British wrestling. He remortgaged his house, sold his prized Mustang and bought a rag tag wrestling promotion. Since then with the help of Kent Walton and Delia Davies working front of house the promotion has grown. Travelling from British town to British town with a steadily growing audience and attracting talent from other parts of the world it’s going well-ish. Recently Barry has signed a broadcast deal. Will this be the making of the promotion or will the hardcore fans (mostly blood thirsty pensioners) be turned off by the new talent? How will you shape the promotion?"

Session 1 - 16th March - Glasgow

Session 2 - 23rd March - Wigan

Session 3 - 30th March - Birmingham

Session 4 - 6th April - London

Wrestler images are taken from this artist's site, hopefully giving credit is enough to not get sued. He also does some pretty nice t-shirts (if you like wrestling gear) so check him out.

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Anyone on the Jersey Shore been to a World 1 Wrestling production? I just grabbed a couple of tickets for myself and the kids

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Current roster for an ongoing convention game.
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Hello everyone - I'm looking for some solid examples of using the face move "something you believe in". It seems a fair bit harder to trigger than the heel move where you have to create a narrative of some sort within the bout as opposed to just simply breaking the rules.

Whatever happened to LUCHA UNDERGROUND coming to Netflix on Feb. 15th? It hasn't happened yet, but I haven't been able to find any news reports about it beyond the initial announcements at the start of February saying that it was coming. Anyone hear any further details on this?

Anybody else regularly updating their YouTube waiting for the next episode of gauntlet league wrestling to drop?

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Hijo de Phantasma! (Aka King Cuerno)

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For those of you who have Netflix (at least American NF), they're now streaming the documentary Lucha Mexico . It's really interesting- especially getting to see the venues. ...And the number of lucha wrestlers who died over the time they shot this. 
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