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The Ongoing Games Matchmaking Thread II

If you're looking to run or play a game of World Wide Wrestling, here's a thread to connect!

ORGANIZERS: Looking for players? Post the kind of game you're running, the medium (Skype? Hangout? Roll20? At a convention), timeframe (day and time) and the best way for interested players to get in touch with you.

PLAYERS: Looking to play? Introduce yourself, possibly including where you're located or what times you're available. If you want to follow up with an organizer, please start a new thread, send them a direct message (i.e. a post that's JUST to them, no circles) or contact them as they request in their post.

This thread is casual and self-directed, please be respectful of each others time. Thanks!

now ring the bell!!!

So I'm really digging this game as a big Wrestling fan, and I just wanted to ask Nathan about a house rule I was working on, basically just to see if he feels it's not too unbalancing. The basic concept is the Role "Tweener", which to me means someone who can play either role, Heel/Face, changing how they act in the ring to work with their opponent. Good examples of Tweeners would be Kazuchika Okada and The Rock. Basically men who their companies use to work opposite many faces ands heels who can work the crowd either way as needed. So, on to the rules:

"Role: Tweener
When choosing an Advanced Role, you may become a Tweener. A Tweener is best described as someone who walks the line between a Heel and a Face, engaging in the actions of both. The Tweener wrestler is so good at getting a crowd reaction and knows the psychology of the ring so well that they can play any role needed by the company making them very valuable. This character’s main quirk is that when working with a Heel they play the Face and when they work with a Face they play the Heel.

Depending on who you are matched up against, if they are a Face you may use the Heel move, if they are a Heel you may use the Face move. If they are any other Role, including Tweener, you can use either but can only use either Heel or Face for the entire match.

When checking Heat Role adjustment against Heels and Faces, Tweeners act as the opposite role and Gain +1 Heat with all Heels and all Faces, All Heels and all Faces also gain +1 Heat with Tweeners. Tweeners gain no Heat with other Tweeners or other Advanced Roles."


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Join us as I run a game of World Wide Wrestling for Rachelle Dube, Robert Angus, Paul Staxx Spraget and Joe Amon.

This session we play out the second year of Gage Valley Wrestling's Annual PPVs, Christmas Carnage.

This year the show is live before a crowd of inmates at Gauntlet City Penitentiary where we bring Christmas cheer, chillies and a drunken Santa. Lets only hope that it doesn't end in a riot.

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I ran this back in August and we had a lot of fun. I finally got around to finishing the editing. Here is the first episode if you wish to listen:

1d4cast AP - World Wide Wrestling RPG - XDW 01

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The Mike Quackenbush podcast is filled with all sorts of ides to apply to the game. Episode 2 has tips for character creation and cutting a promo. And the episodes are short :)

Quick recap in my words about a character promo exercise in episode 2: Now that you know what character sounds like, do a promo which gives your character value. Are you super flexible, have a great finisher? Now pick an opponent. Give that opponent value. It's a rookie mistake to take away your opponent's value because beating them becomes no big deal and being beaten by them then really devalues your character.

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Hey everyone, in investigating post-G+ places to host discussion about my games, I decided to try keeping up a Slack channel. Feel free to join, if that’s a thing you use!

With the shutdown of Google+ looming, are there any plans to migrate over to a different platform or site?

Decided to work on a custom promotion for fun.

Tags: Regional Reach, Traditional
Troubles: Outlaw Federation, Green-As-Grass Roster

Background: Throughout the history of Pro Wrestling there have always been those who thumbed their nose at those that thought of themselves as the power brokers and titans of the industry. One such man was Eustace T. Cleghorn, a self-styled promoter out of the Mid-Atlantic who in the late 1970's broke off his fledgling promotion CCW from the National Wrestling Council in the wake of an incident that Cleghorn contended was about his rightful claim the National Heavyweight Title and all the other promoters in the NWC agreed was about a bad poker hand. Still, a rebel at heart, Cleghorn would groom future star after future star in his fiercely guarded pocket of the wrestling world only to find them inevitably lured away by the juggernaut Goliath Wrestling Federation's promises of big money and bigger exposure.

In recent times the now elderly Cleghorn had seemingly lost his temper with the GWF and somehow finagled his way into a shareholder conference call with owner Richard Davidson and proceeded to call him every name under the sun in an exchange that quickly went viral. However, Tricky Dick's wrath was more than noteworthy in the industry and with all the effort of swatting a fly, Eustace found almost all of his roster signed to developmental deals in GWF's various feeder feds all across North America. Depleted, drained, and desperate yet not cowed into submission just yet, Cleghorn has turned back to the outlaw spirit that brought CCW to its heyday. Calling in every favor, intimidating every ex-associate, and scouring every backyarder's ill-thought out LinkedIn until he could put together the most motley assortment of the overlooked, the undertrained, and the few old fools that would still return his calls. He intends to bring a war to GWF's Homogeneous Hegemony or go out in a blaze of glory trying.

Notable Characters:
Eustace T. Cleghorn: The Bossman, the only reason he's not in the ring is that his wife threatened to strangle him after "The Sideways Patella of '92". A shrewd but far from smooth operator, it's not entirely clear if his plan to take down GWF actually IS a plan but his checks have cleared so far...

"Dynamite" Dean Bodine: Voted 'Most Explosive Wrestler' in the Raptor Mags 1986, 87, and 89, Dean's best days as the rough and tumble babyface quarry worker are far behind him but current circumstances have seen him dust off his steakhouse jacket and play the main event babyface to champion Big Bubba Blubba's dastardly heel. The matches between the nigh-geriatric Bodine and the grossly overweight Bubba are about as good as you'd expect, but Dean's got an eye for talent and is keen on using it if only so HE doesn't have to get BubbaFlopped for once.

Big Bubba Blubba: One of the few remaining old roster members below 50 is also sadly well above 300 in terms of weight as Bart "Bubba" Thompson was given the dubious honor of becoming the CCW Heavyweight Champion in a farce of a rather literal squash match with the outgoing champion. In reality Thompson was in the midst of some serious attempts to get his weight under control prior to the talent raid which saw most of the people helping him with that move on to greener pastures and Bubba (despite his best efforts) move back to the buffet line.

The Archduke of Professional Wrestling: The longest serving member of Cleghorn's crew and its most soft-spoken. Seeing the field of 'foreign' heels dominated by the likes of Sheiks and Eastern Bloc Invaders, the Archduke went out of left field and modeled himself after an ethnicity he was certain wasn't overdone: An Austro-Hungarian. However, like any dirty foreigner from the strange far away lands of West Virginia, The Archduke had an issue: His very obviously non-Austro non-Hungarian backwoods motormouth. This saw him and his prodigious mustache get kicked out of every respectable promoter's good books until he landed with CCW, where Eustace Cleghorn got the idea that would turn his career around: Just pretend He (The Archduke) disdained English so much that He refused to speak it. And thus was one of CCW's most time-honored heels born, weathering the various raids through sheer loyalty to the man that solved his troubles...for better or worse.

"Beautiful" Billy Bodine: Nephew of Dean Bodine and holder of the dubious honor of being one of the most unattractive young men in wrestling, Billy Bodine toiled for quite some time as a heel despite his amiable nature. However, the recent loss of talent has catapulted him into the limelight and with his uncle's political backing he's convinced Cleghorn to greenlight a dangerous experiment: Put on a mask covered in lipstick marks and claim he's so beautiful the mask is the only way women won't cause a riot trying to get at him. While the mask has certainly boosted his confidence, not many are sure that the audience will go along with it without a lot of convincing.

I'm still working on the production and custom move but was wondering how the board at large liked the look of its characters/background so far.

Should the Tracional move from the Luchador playbook also feature a line where you swap this move once you are unmasked?

Or do you get unmasked, and just keep continuing to wear a mask?

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Hey +Lowell Francis (and everyone) - Gregor gave me the green light, so the standalone Maneuver illustrations are now zipped up and available to download from the main game page (under the Play Aids heading).

Also, a fan in Germany translated the game into German! He included the core rules, some of the optional stuff from International Incident, Guest Stars, and all of the Gimmicks. I'm presenting it without guarantee as to accuracy (as I am not a German speaker), but if you are, maybe you want to check it out?! That's under the Community heading.
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