I am in the throne room. hmm. With Elgo captured... What do we do about the dragon slayers?

(+Alex Jones Feel like role playing?)

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Luke is playing in the cave (+Anthony Davison open)

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Should I create another Oc here?
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I walk into the castle hallways

(( closed to +Amber Melody Alexander​ ))

Fennay was low on food, and decided to make a trip to town to steal some food. She was on the outskirts of the place when she was spotted

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Name: Fennay
Age: kit
Gender: vixenett ((um XD))
species: Fennec Dragon
Likes: warm places and kind faces, telling appropriate jokes
Dislikes: cold days and mean dragons
Powers: sand storms
Feet to shoulders: 10ft, 9in
Feet to head held high: 15ft
Shoulders to tail: 20ft, 4in
Snout to tail: 27ft, 15in
Bio: possibly one of the last fennec dragons to exist. She has never seen any dragon like her, just regular fennec foxes who follow her around a lot. 

I walked to the main entrance

Alex: attention! The castle is under attack! We need as many hands as possible to help protect the kingdom!

The Ice army is Attacking! Everyone stay alert! I repeat, stay alert!
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