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😢 Thanks to Mr. Tony (Texas daddy) for expressing the feelings of the Japanese.
70 years after the WW2. South Korea does not evolve at all.
S.Korean diplomacy is always "Moving Goal Post". Pull out "prostitute card" of the tool which receives economic support. Already, the Japanese wish for diplomatic relations with S.Korea. Japan is tired.😖😖😖

There was also a Japanese whore prostitute. It was also in the military around the world. of course.
The Communist Party troops also had a servant prostitution organization that followed the expedition of the military.

What did the Korean armies do in Vietnam? What did the Korean army do for Vietnamese women? Vietnam is angry with the double tongue of S.Korea.
S.Korean women who still spoof the Japanese are prostituting in the US, Canada and Australia.💢💢💢
People all over the world are familiar with the dirty nature of such S.Koreans.

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日本の諺。「雉も鳴かずば撃たれまい。」 ヽ(`Д´#)ノ
Japanese proverb. Literal translation.
"If you do not ring the pheasant, the pheasant will never be shot."

English translation.
"Quietness is best, as the fox said when bit the cook's head off.”

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- ライブドアニュース


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😱💦♪ www 👍
まあ、北朝鮮の核実験時に上空の放射性物質採取のため、 英国空軍機が遠路わざわざ 北朝鮮近くまで飛来してくるほどだから。
日本政府が朝鮮半島での核戦争を想定か!!? 原子力規制委員会「対馬で韓国放射線監視装置を設置へ、不測の事態をすぐに検知できる態勢を整える…」最新情報
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