Como faço um vídeo quadrado com kdenlive?

Hi, Ubuntu LTS repo still has the old 17.12.3 version of kdenlive, when is it going to be updated? I tried the appimage but It can''t use GPU processing :O

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Some thoughts on opensource being adopted into studios already using paid software.

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New video made with #Kdenlive

Hi, using kdenlive latest version 17.04.1,
Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit, Gnome Desktop, GTK.

My issue is that Kdenline crashes at EVRY action i take, for instance, I pause a playback and play it again, it crashes, I apply a transition and play, it crashes, everything done it crashes when I play.

I use a desktop and its 16gb memory card on it.

What do I do now? This has been happening every from the previous release I think.

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Here's the trailer for the all new season of Premier Prep! Made using Blender, Kdenlive, and GIMP! Please be sure to share to help make this the best season yet.

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The intro to my previous video (Houldsworth Mausoleum), this time adding a 'ghost'. Kdemlive. The ghost created with Rough Animator on the Samsung tablet.

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Created with Kdenlive and Libraoffice Impress

Kdenlive working really well apart from a strange blip/noise at the beginning of several cuts, does anyone else hear these things?
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