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[EN] we've just started our official google+ community. We'll be using it to announce new features and updates and to keep contact with you, answer your questions and feature requests :)
[PL] właśnie wystartowaliśmy z naszą społecznością google+. Będziemy tu ogłaszać nowe funkcje skryptu, poprawki błędów oraz kontaktować się z Wami, odpowiadać na Wasze pytania i prośby o nowe funkcje :)

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we're 6 years young :D
to celebrate it, we prepared a small infographic.
We hope you'll like it ^^

Is there any way to alter the script source code in order to disable the "ESC" key closing the city window and opening the island window?

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so we've been recently a bit busy improving old features.
Here, our reworked Radar, allowing you now to search:
* any cities in chosen radius, matching selected criteria (size, activity, ghost towns)
* only your/alliance/alliance+pact/pact/enemies cities

travel times (exactly the same as in Grepolis) based on selected unit

all of the above will allow you quickly check which are the closest cities to the one you've selected or the one youre currently at.

Do you like it? :D

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Spoiler alert!
we've been busy redesigning our website and statistics.
Performance driven, mobile-friendly and better readable.
These were our goals. How do you like it?
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