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Okay I'm going to say this now so people don't get too confused.

Alright so I want everything about your A.C.E.'s to be as cannon as possible with the exception of Round Table for they are non cannon to the Armored Core universe to my knowledge of playing AC3-AC5 Verdict day. You may also outfit your first A.C.E. with anything from the Armored Core universe as well, but the older the equipment you have on it the more likely you'll need to repair it after every sortie. Ex. Say you use a arm part from AC1 & you going into a sortie, when you come out you find that your repair costs went up drastically & when you check to see why you find out that that arm part is exceptionally old & is prone to failure in the field due to it's age compared to new models.

Hi everyone I'm new here

Can we form corporations of our own?

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You want to see my new mech in armored core V
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Yes ( ME: thx )
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No ( ME: your killing me smalls )
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Maybe ( ME: ok )

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Hey moderators and owners, if you are even able to see notifications, I wish to revamp this community and purge it of inactive members. I hope you all will go along with this.

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Name: Sylus Denari

Age: 25

Gender: male

Race: human

Ethnicity: African American

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 251lbs

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: black

Hair Style: Dreadlocks

Body Build: muscular

Sexual Orientation: straight

Marital Status: +kao B .bunny​ (wife)

Credit Count: 432,000

Armored Core Piloting Skill Level: Expert

Skills & Natural Abilities: Engineering and Biomechanical tech (I know how to fuse man with mech)

Personality: Nice, sympathetic, but hurting on the inside.

Likes: Samantha, Cleo, Fencing, and tech tinkering.

Dislikes: the color Orange....

Bio: I grew up in Seattle Washington, struggled in school, met Samantha when I was 15, Graduated at 18, married Samantha a month later, we moved to Japan at first as a vacation but stayed when the conflict started, I started working on advanced technology and built from spare car parts, smoke detectors, and a tv the 1st model rail gun small but one Hell of a self-defense weapon. I got noticed by Omer and 1 year later I'm working and piloting ACs.

AC Name: Cleo

Pilot: Sylus Denari

Age: 25

Height: 5 meters or 16.4 feet tall

Variant: Medium

Equipment: 2 wrist mounted YWH14PU-ROC model Pulse Rifles, 2 Laser Blades (what I mostly use), 1 Shoulder mounted four 540 Round MOAB rocket tube launcher (of my own design), and a high powered high cost plasma based Rail Cannon (also of my design....though I almost never use it at even half strength, at most 10%)

Ammo Count: 4 540 Round rocket tubes for a total of 2160 rockets (ps they're about the size of an RPG rocket so no it's not op) all other weapons are energy based.

Repair costs After each mission: on average Medium Damage= 2000

AR: 35000

A.C. Manufacturer: Omer Science

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I was on a mission in The middle east when things went 7 other ACs appeared out of nowhere and even though I destroyed 5 the other two managed to sneak attack me from behind, though the hit didn't do much to Cleo the impact made me hit my head on the monitor and knocked me out. When I woke up I was back on the carrier with Omar investigators questioning me about AI technology because when I was KOed The Cleopatra....started piloting itself... now I'm in the hanger looking through her hard and software information trying to find out how that's even possible

Can you all please invite people you think would enjoy this community & Could you also start making profiles please

Hello, Asking permission to do an original A.C.
+Baraggan Louisenbairn

Where's the character template? ^^
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