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Name: Yami Shi
Age: 13
Admins age: 11
Back story: Her parents were murdered the day she turned ten, as she beleived, well, she was thought to have killed her mother and all her siblings, and her father disapeared, well, she thought it was her father, but her father was Satan, sk she's a demon, yet she looks like an angel, she is demanded to act as an angel, she'll hold her hand out to you, if you grab it, she is supposed to kill you, yet refuses. Satan had banned her from hell, knowing that she'd find her mother and siblings locked up. That is the most of it, she is really lonely and quiet, and shy, and still has the rest of this story ahead of her.
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Name: Yami Shi
Why I want to be a mod: I really like to help out and fix mistakes, I have a lot of experience so, I also think it would be really fun
Do I think I would make a good mod: Yes I do, I am a mod in over five other comunities and it is easy and enjoyable in my opinion
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