Good morning. Carlos and I did a lot yesterday, let’s start with what we did to increase our family. We adopted a little boy by the name of Vincent. I took Vincent to the station earlier this morning and he loved it, one of the interns said that Vincent looks kind of like Carlos and I. Vincent blushed and hid behind me and said a shaky thank you, he was being so shy it was adorable. I dropped him off at home on my way into class this morning and told him to wake Carlos. I hope that he did what I asked him to, I haven’t heard from Carlos yet to know that he is awake and watching Vincent until his bus for school arrives at the house… The other things that we did were,we went to the campground that my family went to when I was growing up, according to Abby, and stayed the night and got the camper cleaned up a bit. We left on Tuesday and came home last night, we actually adopted Vincent on Monday. We took him up to the campground and he loved it. He didn’t like the cleaning part but the being up there he loved, Carlos played with Vincent outside with a model plane made out of foam and tape. Vincent thought that it was the greatest thing ever, at least that’s what it looked like. I let them play for a while and then had them come in for lunch and to help clean for a little bit. I did majority of the cleaning in the camper and let the two of them bond for the day, I think that they are getting along great and are going to be a good “father-son” duo. They appeared to be having a blast together and we’re bonding quite well. I didn’t really get time to bond with Vincent yesterday, so today after he gets out of school and I get off work we will be spending the rest of the evening together. Carlos has to work tonight and will be at the lab pretty late, he generally spends the majority of Thursday at the lab… I wonder what he is working on at the lab… He never tells me any more. He used to tell me what he was working on at the lab, maybe he is just trying to keep a surprise from me… I don’t know.

I will try to update the journal ASAP. I accidentally deleted Google+ on my iPad and I need to add money to my account before I can download anything

I apologize for my absence on here. I will be back as soon as I can be.

Hello, again. I am deeply sorry for not updating, the City council is letting me work at the station as well as take these classes. They are mainly doing this so that somebody can keep them informed about Station Management, the two of them are clearly not seeing eyes to eyes again. They tend to pull me into the middle of their arguments even if I do not know what they are arguing about or why. Class is about to start for the day, and I am already ready for it to end. I got next to no sleep last night, Carlos had to work late and I don’t sleep well without him by my side. I need coffee and sleep, to have the energy and patience to deal with this. There is no coffee but it’s ok, I went to the dollar store and got a Dr. Pepper to take care of my caffeine needs. I also didn’t eat breakfast this morning, so I got two bags of chips to keep my stomach quiet.

I found more


Hello! My name is Cecil Gershwin Palmer. I will be keeping a journal to document the things that go on in my life. My life is fairly normal, for a Nightvalian. I should probably tell you what I know about myself. I am the voice of Nightvale, a small, friendly dessert community, where the sun is hot and the moon is beautiful. I am undoubtedly in love with my loving husband, Carlos Emmanuel Palmer. I have, unofficially, adopted the station cat, Khoshekh, as my own. That has to be "unofficially" because he floats about 4 feet off the floor, in a fixed spot in the men's restroom, at the Nightvale Community Radio Station. I have "tattoos" that are actually a centent being that reveals itself as purple tentacles on almost every inch of my body. I have a third eye in the center of my forehead, it is also purple and has the appearance of a tattoo. I have a little sister, whom is married to my nemesis, Steve Carlsberg.
I should also probably tell you about Nightvale. Nightvale is a small community with only a few hundred citizens. There is a mayor named Dana Cardinal, she was an intern at the radio station for a time but she was elected mayor. We also have John Peters, you know the farmer? He grows imaginary corn and interdimentional oranges. We also have young miss Flynn. She is an inspirational young woman. She is the youngest city council member, and she has an army of children. There is a faceless old woman whom lives in your house, she ran for mayor and lost to Dana. There is also Heram McDanials, whom also ran for mayor and lost to Dana. He is also literally a five headed dragon. There is also a vague and menacing government agency, they rarely take people.
I will tell you about Carlos. Carlos is perfect in every way, he will deny this but it is true. He truly is perfect, from his beautiful chocolate and silver curly hair, to his slightly beat up sneakers.

Cecil Gershwin Palmer.


Hello, once again. Sorry about the gap.... I was put in "The Box". shudders It is basically "reeducation" that is done in a solid metal cube with no visible door to go in or out, no food or water for the duration of the time you are in there, no communication with the outside world, and absolutely no writing or electronics. The no writing part is basic Night Vale though, there is a ban on writing utensils, therefore there is basically a ban on writing. Anyway, I got put in "The Box" because someone told the secret police that I was using a computer with out a license to do so, and the secret police didn't listen that, first of all, I do have the proper license and, second of all, it's a tablet. Not even my dear sister, Abby, would listen to me, even though she got her computer license at the same time I did and she is the one who got me the tablet.


Hello again. I have to be carful where I type this, as computers and most electronics are banned. I guess that I could be typing this on my phone but I do not have enough space on it.

Good morning, I am in a make up class for the two classes that I missed of the re-education classes. I am, probably, getting ahead of myself, however I believe that this will help clear up the parts that I was confused about. The class is already clearing some things up, as well as, getting me more involved. We are currently on break, and I already did the homework, so I can journal. However the break is almost over so I will be back at lunch. I’m back, it’s not quite lunch yet but the other people are working on homework that I already did. So I really don’t have anything to do at the moment, I will continue to pay attention in the class, when one of the teachers are teaching, however at the moment it is like a study hall. Also the class for today is all day, I may die before then from the lack of Carlos and coffee, however I shall try to live through this… I may try to drink some of the pre-made coffee that is here, it may help, then again it may not. That coffee did nothing for my mood and the lack of Carlos, I need my Carlos and my good mood coffee. Class isn’t over yet though, uggggghhhhhhh, I am over this and need cuddles. I probably won’t get them though, Carlos has a lot of work to do today and probably won’t be home from the lab until late and he will be crabby so I’ll have to leave him alone. Why does this instructor not want to let us go home?!?!?!?! I want to be at the station and cuddle Khoshekh even though he doesn’t like most people cuddling him, he lets me. I miss the station and the people in it. I might pop in there when I can leave here… Although there might only be the interns there at that point and they are new because when I was put into “The Box” there were no interns and they were in the process of hiring new ones. This might be a good time to meet them though… I may also stop at Abby’s to see if she is still mad at “me” Steve. On second thought about going to see my dear, sweet, older sister, maybe I should call first so that I don’t get slapped again. I have already been slapped at least six times today, and four out of the six were by random people, the other two were Carlos on accident this morning as he was getting up. I am over this class I think that we are almost finished… Or done.

Hello, again, I am sorry for just dropping off. I had to pay attention and my tablet had died. Carlos and I are out and about getting the other things that I need for the classes. We just got gas and are going to get some lunch then go back to shopping for supplies, we only have a few things left to get. We just need to get a couple of accordion folders so that I can put the things that I need to do in an easier access locations. Apparently my dear, sweet, older sister had a fight with StEvE CaRlSbUrG last night and is taking her anger out on me. She called me last night, while I was working on my homework from class, and started to yell at me for no real reason. I ended up so mad that I couldn’t do my homework, was shaking, and started to cry. I said some things that I didn’t mean to her and I’m sure she said some things that she didn’t mean to me.

Hello again. I have been in re-education classes, actually I am there now and we are doing tax classes for the next eight weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am a week behind because I didn’t start until today. I am mildly impressed with the course work thus far. I also am mildly confused about the first two chapters in the course but I will read up on them and do the work that goes along with them tonight and see if I can figure it out. Ugh my phone keeps going off and majority of the times it has been station management, I don’t know why they are calling me right now. They know that I am in class right now… Carlos got me a new notebook and some pens to use in the class, I love him to pieces, but I need a small list of things still. However he is helping me as much as he can, considering he has never had to take the re-education course. The class is also teaching us how to work in the tax agencies, this should be interesting to see, a radio host working at a tax agency.

Hello there. I do not know who would be reading my journal, but to who ever is, I bid you welcome. There will not be much of interest in here, however this is my day to day life and I will try to make it at least mildly entertaining.
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