In the streets of fallen Downtown Manehattan, there is a small gunfight breaking out between a few ponies. I'm in a building trying to pick off the raiders one by one without any luck. A bullet has impacted the wall next to me and one made it through my front left arm/foreleg (I dunno) I gotta find some more bits... I proceed down a long flight of stairs into the open and try to make my escape


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Rank: Military soldier
Special skills: close to long range COMBAT plus is great with swords and guns plus he has the ability to control the elements
Personality: super funny, so unpredictable, hot-headed, short tempered, easy to be friends with,destructive, calm...sometimes

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Name: Heart Beat
Species/Gender: Pegasus/Stallion
Age: 27
Class: Sniper/Scavenger
Skills: He can deal with very distant targets with ease. It's either that or putting a small firearm right down your throat to try and kill you. He generally sticks to himself but will take help if he needs it. He is at a dis-advantage due to his confidence. He will sometimes attempt ridiculous stunts which more likely than not get him hurt.

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Name: Fluffy  
Age: 17
Species: pegasus/ Griffon (if that's not ok then tell me and i'll edit it out)
Skills: high flying, fighting, tecnical stuff (like cracking codes and hacking)
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Name: Aurora Magic
Age: 17
Species: Unicorn
Class: Assassin (under her own rule)
Skills: Can easily kill a target from a far distant, isn't very much remorseful even when she may kill mothers or fathers in front of their children. Sometimes (when really bored) she will lure her targets away and torture them to death depending on their crime
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I stand in my tower, protected by my guards and the fortress. I look out the window into the land beyond 
If you win, you live..
If you lose, you die...
If you dont fight, you cant win...

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Name: Sakurako Mei
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Military Soldier
Skills: Close-combat, Weapon-wielding ( Capability to learn how to use weapon in mere seconds just by watching. Her main is the nodachi. )

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Name: Sprouting Bulb
Age: 152
Gender: Female
Species: Changeling
Class: Homicidal schizophrenic
Skills: Pyrokinesis, pyropathy
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