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Hello, my name is "Leeroy Gibbs". This is a lie. I cannot say who I really am, but you can call me Ghost. I am a co-creator of a group of people who are anti-government and have a passion for violence. This group is called The Blade Guild. It is a google plus community and can be joined by anyone in the area of Pasadena (zip code of 91107). We meet wherever we can and if you want to join, you should know we are dead fucking serious. I have a 9"1/2 blade bowie knife with five "gutting claws" on the back of the blade. The commander of the group has an 11"1/2 version that is a US Marine type bowie knife. So don't fuck around if you join. If we call a meeting you must be willing to come at almost all costs. Two of the current three members are socio or phsycopathic and will kill you if you betray the guild. If you are loyal you will recieve reward in the form of weapons. We will upgrade your personal armoury every couple of months. However, you can leave the guild. Just let the Commander or myself know first so a henchmen won't suspect you of betrayal. In a few weeks we go underground and begin the cleansing of this city. Join us, or be cleansed.

P.S.: Joining your family protects your family from cleansing. Cleansing does not mean killing. Also we hold NO bias against
sexuality so you can join if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, etc.
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