So as part of my ongoing effort to undesign RPGs I've started looking into using actual models of human growth and psychology for xp, first up is Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Characters gain 1 xp (or comparative measure of experience) for each need fulfilled.
1-Physiological needs: Your character survived.
2-Safety needs: Your character established/found some sort of safety.
3-Belonginess and love needs-Your character deepened or established a relationship.
4-Esteem needs- Your character achieved some goal.
5-Self actualization-Your character grew as a person or their nature shined through.

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Rules for fashion, should help codify social situations a bit more.

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My own conversion of shadowrun to savage worlds (based off of 2e)

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Bunch of changes I'l probably use if I ever run anything in the oWoD
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