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Saw this and thought it was a great idea to help students be more engaged in their music lessons and practice. PLUS you get a FREE COPY of the MUSIC Money.

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Print this and slip it under your honey's pillow. 90% of my students are adult piano teachers. MTNA members get a big discount. #JazzPianoLessons #LearnJazzPiano #EyeEarRevolution

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Live Online Group Creative Keyboard Courses - Spruce up your keyboard creativity. Are you a traditionally-trained pianist who longs to play music your way? Starting in late August, you can learn the improvisation tools needed to personalize best-loved tunes to your own tastes and preferences. Beginning and intermediate levels are available. Learn more and register here:

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PIANO LESSONS in Haymarket-Gainesville-Bristow area in Virginia with nationally certified teacher of piano(NCTM): In my piano studio you will find a patient, friendly and supportive environment for students. Fundamentals of sight reading, rhythm, technique and interpretation are emphasized through a systematic approach with fun and interesting music. Teacher is focused on maintaining high standards and excellent quality of piano instruction.
Call 703-332-9778 for more info and to setup an interview
for more information

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Dear Fellow Piano Teacher,
Please consider sharing this opportunity with your students age 14 to adult. 
Bradley Sowash and Leila Viss
Dear Student(s),
Here’s an opportunity to supplement your piano lessons this summer. 88 Creative Keys is an annual piano improvisation workshop in Denver, CO. It is run by Leila Viss and Bradley Sowash, two highly regarded educators, well known in the piano teaching world. I can attest to their expertise in teaching creativity and I also happen to know them personally as warm and friendly people. 
At 88 Creative Keys workshops, you’ll learn to balance traditional reading skills with improvisation in an upbeat and supportive atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable exploring new concepts. The presentations are engaging with the help of the latest teaching technology. Your’ll enjoy hands-on instruction on your own keyboard, large and small piano ensembles, fun “off bench” activities, and optional private lessons.  Learn more at:
I think attending this event would be a good fit for advancing your improvisation skills, an area of piano study we rarely have enough time to cover fully in our lessons.
It’s definitely worth your consideration,
[Your Name]
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