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Alright well I'm doing it, for those who are new to those who are inactive, I'm rebranding the community, I love Roger's Place but I must move on to bigger and better things, there will be a few changes

1. I'm going to make the community ask to join, just so I can at least try and monitor who's coming in and who's going out

2. There will be a new name "Games vs Cartoons" (Yeah I know, how original) and a new photo for the community (at least until my friend decides to make his then I'll switch back)

3. There will be a change in rules, more of a slight change but a change

Hopefully we can get this community rolling again

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Rayquaza vs Fin Fang Foom

COMICS VS VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fully trained/Composite Rayquaza
Mega Evolutions are allowed
Earth 616 Fin Fang Foom
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Fin Fang Foom

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I know I'm late but it's out isn't it?

Anyways for those who want to read, sorry for the wait

As always you don’t have to agree, just enjoy

As you know, in the Infamous games, you have the beings called conduits, which have powers no one understands through the conduit gene. This time we’re bringing back the returning winners to battle it out, we have winner Delsin Rowe vs 2-time winner Cole MacGrath, and it’s up to me to see who wins in a fight


We’re gonna start with the first conduit, Cole MacGrath (who I wrote something for 2 other times so I’m just going to copy paste the respect thread I made for it last year)
Cole originally was in college, but he dropped out of college just to piss off his parents. However, he gets the wrong package, a ray sphere. The Ray Sphere goes off with Cole in the dead center destroying multiple blocks in NYC. However, Cole survives in from the center of the blast and discovers he has electric powers. At first, he slowly exited the explosion in pure pain. Later on, he learns to control his powers as he had problems at first and goes on to take out reapers and many other villains.

In Infamous 2 he fails taking down the Beast the first time and has to head out to New Marais in order to get better, he then learns to control new abilities of Ice along with his already lethal Electric abilities. He was able to take out the Beast the second time and end the plague that he accidentally caused from Infamous 1 when encountering the ray sphere. He meets new helpers and many villains.

Before even listing powers Cole used to do parkour, he was fit for the average human and had average human abilities for those in his 20’s when you’re in peak physical condition. Parkour means allow him to climb up buildings and balance on wires perfectly. He even survived being ran over by a freight truck with no broken bones, and this was before the powers.

Electricity: Cole can wield electricity and use it to shoot electric bolts, lightning strikes, rockets, grenades, and even has a shockwave which can blast away opponents and reflect rockets. Each of these abilities come with multiple variants that I can’t go over as this would be way too long, but understand that each of these moves have different variants within each move. He also has a lightning tether which allows him to travel from building to building without having to jump on multiple objects or other platforms.

He harnesses Electrokinesis which allows him to transfer energy over to his fists in hand to hand combat. This was his martial arts which was studied earlier on in his life. This was used in Infamous 1. He later on uses a weapon made by Zeke called the Amp which channels his power into strong strikes He even harnesses few finishing moves which can finish off a single opponent to even multiple opponents at one time with no problem. This is also how he can channel energy through blast cores to gain new abilities

He also harnesses electromagnetism, which can cause magnetic or anti-magnetic effects on the world and what he interacts with. Which explains how he steps in puddles and electricity runs through water, a thunder drop which charges the higher he is from the ground when he makes contact with the ground. He even has a kinetic pulse ability which allows him to lift object up to pick-up trucks and toss them across a city sector. This even involves the induction grind which allows him to travel much faster on wires and static thrusters which allow him to float slowly to the ground. He can also jump off of cars much higher as well, you know I can keep going but long story short. He has a lot of electric abilities.

Ice: Cole in Infamous 2 gains the abilities of ice, which tie in to his basic maneuvers electric moves to enhance them. This ice is cold enough to cause a permafrost and snap freeze to even other ice conduits.

Cole can form an ice pillar which launches him into the air, he can balance on it as well, this is used for evasive maneuvers or to help see over walls without having to jump onto that wall right away. He also has a frost shield (this was originally an electric shield in Infamous 1 but was remade into a frost shield), an electrical and ice shield which absorbs projectiles and help gather electricity for his abilities.

Cole can enhance his traditional bolts and perform a precision strike, this enhances his perception and his overall vision to see enemies at a distance, this takes out any human sized enemy in one shot.

He can drain electricity from any power source that uses an electrical current in its system, this involves forms of artificial light and literal lightning.

Cole has also been able to see the visions from Kessler and see the plague in civilians.

Cole also has a ping, this allows him to see anything that has an electrical current, this includes people because if you didn’t have an electrical flow inside you, you would die. He focused his abilities to using it on those who matter.

Cole also has a pulse heal, which can heal one person, or heal a group of people in one go. An arc restraint which traps anyone into the ground, and a bio leech, which drains the electricity out of an opponent killing them, automatically restoring all of Cole’s electrical power.

He is also combat smart as he looks for weaknesses and takes out opponents as soon as he can without wasting too much time and prefers to fight where he has an advantage and even can protect himself when he doesn’t have the advantage.

Ionic abilities: These are abilities used by Cole which can guarantee a takedown/kill to any human sized opponent.

Ionic Vortex; He uses a vortex which can take out whoever gets sucked into the vortex or taken out from the stringing outer electrical flow for those who aren’t in the vortex.

Ionic Freeze; He can send a trail of ice going towards multiple opponents, the trail can split into 2+ if needed and automatically kills whoever is in the ice as if it was absolute zero, since the enemies caught will freeze on contact.

Ionic Storm; A huge strike of lightning which either strikes down at one opponent or travels down and take out multiple opponents and can be controlled, however he has to use this outdoors and above ground.

Karmic Overload: An ability which enhances his own, allowing for even the smallest attacks to do massive damage to enemies, and even chain for a much larger effect

He can run at peak human speeds, and travels faster on wires

Capable of reacting to bullets from assault rifles to choppers (counting comics), some guns like shotguns he is capable of dodging at point blank

Kept up with Nix in combat, in the end of their small duel Nix was about to pummel him but Cole was well ready for it and could’ve shocked her

Kept up with multiple ice conduits

Can keep up with Kessler in combat

His static thrusters were capable of resisting a mini black hole, although he did this twice, it may be an outlier, granted mini black holes suck in light as fast as larger or standard black holes

He lifted a cell phone tower, not completely, but enough to get Zeke out of it

He can lift pick-up trucks and dumpsters with his kinetic pulse

Capable of harming Bertrand, when targeting weak points

Can easily destroy cars, and military vehicles like choppers

Can one shot most enemies depending on certain abilities

With enough height, his thunder drop could crack ice and concrete

Can not only casually dish out 20,000 volts of electricity, but uses it to fry through a steel chain lock

Capable of harming Kessler

Capable of harming the Beast

Cole can do damage on a molecular level

He we know he has a healing factor but (Don’t quote me on this) he may heal on a molecular level, no it’s not as fast as Deadpool’s, Wolverine’s, Trigon’s, etc because they heal on a cellular level, but it is definitely more precise as the molecules want to keep their anatomy, so he may not heal faster, but he can heal better

This is probably why his healing factor slows down the more times he’s hit, and why he was able to survive the Ray sphere which was a blast of energy, and even survive freezing on impact

Speaking of the Ray Sphere, it did damage over City Blocks and Cole survived

Took hits from Kessler

Took hits from the Beast

Can tank his own hits

Takes no fall damage whatsoever

Pretty much fell in water and survived

Defeated Kuo in combat

Defeated Sasha in combat

Water is his only major weakness, but it must be at least knee deep to take effect

Cole is one powerful conduit

Delsin Rowe

This Akomish power sponge is well, a small-town delinquent, who does small misdemeanors like spray paint (which he’s really good at). He would constantly get arrested by his older brother Reggie Rowe. Until this one day where he saw a crashed car to try and save Hank from the explosion, then tried to save Reggie by coming in contact with Hank and later gaining smoke abilities. He originally couldn’t control it but learned how to, he goes on an adventure to get Augustine’s concrete power to save the Akomish.

So, he has 4 conduit abilities, smoke, neon, video, and concrete.

With smoke he can throw corrosive grenades leaving his opponents unable to fight, can shoot smoke which can incapacitate opponents if a headshot, has a cinder shot which is a more powerful smoke blast, and can shoot cinder missiles which would be used to harm heavy armored vehicles, he can also use a smoke dash; which can also be used in air twice and to dash through smoke vents. He uses his chain to send smoke travelling through to cause damage. The strongest ability is an orbital drop which can shake the concrete island.
With neon he can run at increased speeds for an unlimited amount, shoot neon shots; which also come with a concentration which allows him to either subdue enemies or one shot them if hit in the head. Can also shoot a heavy phosphor beam, and throw stasis grenades. He straightens his chain which makes for something like a blade for melee. The strongest ability is the Radiant Sweep which has a massive stasis and traps anyone.
With video he can go invisible and spawn an angel to help, shoot homing swords, shoot a fast firing video torrent, practically fly and travel along radio waves, shoot while floating, and has a sword to strike with. His strongest power sends a swarm of angels to fly up and come crashing down, this ability can be focused on a target.
With concrete he has no karmic ability; however, he can encase people in concrete and insert/remove shrapnel, he can also do a boulder dash which lets him charge while encased in concrete for a limitless amount of time, thrust in the air 3 times, shoot concrete shrapnel, and shoot a concrete barrage for heavy ammo. He punches the ground to get his concrete abilities.

All his abilities have thrusters and he can sense where to get more powers from and drains them to gain more, has a massive impulse control, and in the end kept his promise and even defeated Augustine. He also sunk a concrete island and defeated Augustine before the moment when he finally got concrete abilities to take her out the second time. He could go up against He Who Dwells and later catch up with Fetch and defeat her in a fight as well. He could (with the help of Hank) destroy minor concrete slabs. He also can scale buildings and all kinds of structures, and doesn’t take fall damage.

However, for him to switch powers, he must go to that power and drain it, he can’t swap on the fly like Cole can, also he doesn’t get the full scope of the abilities he was able to gain either (e.g. Hank is able to travel from building to building with smoke and Eugene’s angels can fly, but Delsin can barely fly).

Delsin is one impressive conduit, perfect for the second age.

Alright, it’s time to get this fight started. (Since you guys wanted a canon fight, only good sides are allowed, and since you wanted outside help: Kuo, Nix and Zeke will aid Cole while Reggie, Eugene, and Fetch aid Delsin)

We’re in Seattle as Delsin went to check on Fetch and Eugene. Delsin lightspeed runs into Seattle when he spots a face he didn’t think he’d see

Delsin: Wait, are you Cole?
Cole: I’ve seem to have met a fan.
Delsin: Yeah, I’m Delsin, I’ve learned all about you recently, one of the best first age conduits ever.
Cole: Thanks that really means a lot.

Delsin gets a call on his phone

Betty: Delsin, come quick, it’s the Longhouse.
Delsin: On my way.

Delsin then calls Fetch and Eugene.

Delsin: Hey it was nice meeting you, I have to go.
Cole: See ya.

Cole meets with Zeke, Kuo, and Nix to help out some citizens as we skip over to a destroyed longhouse which Reggie was there and said.

Reggie: Some electric bio-terrorist came through and destroyed the place.

Delsin was in shock and knew what he had to do when.

Delsin: I don’t know why he’d do this, but I know where he is.

They travel back to Seattle and find Cole and the group.

Delsin: How could you?
Cole: What did I do? I just got here.
Delsin: You destroyed the longhouse, I thought you were a hero.
Cole: no, I didn’t, but I may have an idea on who did.
Delsin: No, no I don’t believe you

Delsin shoots a cinder shot which knocks Cole back.

Nix: Hey what do you think you’re doing?

Zeke pulls out his gun to shoot.

Zeke: What’s your deal man?

Reggie also pulls out a gun

Reggie: This bio-terrorist destroyed a building just now
Kuo: no, he didn’t, he was with us.

Cole shoots lightning at Delsin.

Cole: So much for a fan.

Delsin gets up

Delsin: You’re finished Cole.

Time to FIGHT

Cole shoots electricity and hits Delsin as the others get into an engagement

Cole: you don’t have to do this, I can explain everything
Delsin: The time for that is over

Delsin shoots smoke pellets but Cole blocks them with his frost shield. Then when Delsin shoots a cinder missile Cole counters it with a shockwave and it hits Eugene.

Eugene: OW!

Eugene summons a bunch of angels and demons to fight against Cole.

Cole: Talk about a number’s advantage

Nix captures a massive handful of them

Nix: Get them demon

Cole shocks all the captured angels and demons and Eugene sends out more. Kuo gets caught in a stasis blast from Fetch.

Fetch: Get her dude

Delsin shoots a cinder missile and it hits Kuo. Cole sees and then shocks Fetch away.

Delsin: Time to kick it up

Delsin absorbs some Neon and goes into his concentration mode and tries to headshot Cole, however Cole has a perception mode as well and could keep up. Then Delsin would shoot a phosphor beam which knocked Cole back, Kuo encased Delsin in ice but Fetch knocked her back with a radial neon blast, Zeke was busy in a shootout with Reggie while both were shooting off opposing team attacks. Delsin walks up to Cole who was getting up and they engage in a melee fight as Cole uses the amp and Delsin uses his chain, Cole them knocks him back and uses the lightning tether to go on some wire and uses the induction grind to get away with Delsin slowly catching up using his lightspeed run. Cole jumps off and uses his lightning Tether to reach the top of a building and Delsin follows using his lightspeed run to run up the building, he then tries to shoot Cole as he is tethering up but Cole changes to the frost shield and easily stops Delsin’s blasts before throwing a grenade up there causing Delsin to fly off the building and land on the ground hard. Cole uses his static thrusters to reach the ground softer. As Delsin gets back up.

Cole: hurts, doesn’t it?

Cole shoots lightning at Delsin but one of Eugene’s angels gets in the way throwing a DUP officer to get shocked. Delsin then absorbs the DUP officer to gain concrete.

Delsin: I doubt you’d try that again.
Cole: Bring it on.

Cole shoots pincer bolts at Delsin and he takes the damage but doesn’t go down as quickly. Cole then throws and ice grenade but Delsin used his concrete thrusters to get above it, then shot concrete shrapnel stunning Cole. Then Delsin hits the ground and Cole flies back some. Then Delsin uses the concrete barrage to knock Cole back even more. The respective teams meet back up with the fighters.

Kuo and Nix: You alright Cole?
Cole: Yeah, I’m alright.

Zeke helps Cole up.

Reggie: You got this brother.
Delsin: Thanks Reg.

Eugene and Fetch nods as Delsin sees Cole throw an Ionic Vortex. But as Cole looks on Delsin charges through with his Boulder Dash and hits Cole back some more before encasing him.

Zeke: Cole? Hold on buddy we’ll get you out of there.

The team struggles trying to open the body casing as Delsin and his team subdues Cole’s team.

Reggie: If I were you guys, I would just stand down.
Fetch: You guys lose. You’re done here.

Delsin goes to get video as he’s seeing that the casing may not be enough as he sees it shaking.

Delsin: Well just to be sure.

Delsin does a swarm, the angels fly up as everyone else watches. As they come crashing down.

Cole: Karmic Overload!

The angels crash down but Cole breaks an arm out of the casing and forms a frost shield blocking all the angels homing in on him. He then breaks out of the casing completely.

Delsin: What the?
Cole: Before you tried to fight me, I was going to tell you that the “bio-terrorist” as your brother calls it, was Kessler, me from the future who became corrupt. But seeing that you just tried to kill me, I’m not taking any more chances.

Cole shoot a massive lightning strike at Delsin and he flies backwards. This incapacitates Delsin for a while. The rest of the team tries to attack Cole, but the team holds him off. Reggie handles Zeke then tries to shoot Cole as that is doing no damage. Then Cole shoots a rocket back and Reggie flies back. Then Zeke shoots him in the head. Fetch is fighting against Kuo, Cole comes in while Fetch is in a lightspeed run. She runs behind Kuo but Cole then shocks Fetch. She’s hurt but gets back up, then both Kuo and Cole shoots and it encases Fetch in a permafrost, then Kuo finishes off Fetch. Eugene becomes He Who Dwells and starts attacking Nix. Cole comes in and uses his Ionic storm which knocks him straight back into Eugene, Nix then encases and blows up Eugene. They all look to where Delsin was last, but he was just a video static version of himself.

Nix: Where is this guy.

Cole uses his ping, finding him before he executes him.

Cole: Gotcha.

Cole and Delsin get in an engagement. Delsin swings his sword and Cole counters with the Amp.

Delsin: How could you!

Delsin goes into rage but it’s quickly stopped. As Cole grabs his arm.

Cole: That’s what you get, for trying to kill me.

Cole shoves him back and uses the Ionic freeze, Delsin is encased in ice. Cole then uses an Amp finisher and slams on the ground breaking all the ice.

Cole: Well, I guess it’s now time to find Kessler and stop him.


Alright so this battle is closer than what I intended that it would be. Because while Cole has a clear power and durability advantage, Delsin has equal skill and selective powers, meaning I’d have to go deeper as to why Delsin would lose, and here’s some of the reasons I was able to find.
First off, how do each of the conduits fight, and what are their capabilities? Well Cole is mostly electricity, and he later fuses his electricity with ice based powers; Delsin however uses smoke, neon, video, and concrete. Now we know this but how does each gain access to their power? Well Cole, after blast cores, gains the power and can switch to whatever he wants on the fly, Delsin on the other hand must go to the power source that he wants and drains it, so he can switch. Well point to Cole there, sure Delsin may have more capabilities with 4 different conduit powers but having to go to a new power and drain it just to switch isn’t good for a fight because there’s no guarantee he’d reach the new ability before someone stops him or he goes down for the count.
Second is how they use their abilities? Cole has his power used for: precision, range, attack, strategy, evasive maneuvers, and defense. He can also amplify is powers to dish and take more damage at a time while also not harming civilians nearly as much as enemies, and the number’s game goes to him as well since he can chain attacks. Delsin has his power used for: precision, attack, strategy, and evasive maneuvers, meaning he’s lacking true range (he can’t zoom that far) and defense (he can’t form shields and the closest you get is him is to take more damage in concrete). He can’t amplify his abilities to work less on people rather than enemies and he can’t enhance the strength of certain heavy arsenal, and yes, he can work with numbers, even without the karmic ability. So, another point to Cole.
Third, aside from bosses, let us take a crack at the enemies they’ve battled against. Cole and Delsin has battled against military gear, also being able to take hits from it, so that is one even ability. However, Cole has been able to face all kinds of enemies, in Infamous 1 he takes on 3 different types of enemies: reapers, bag people, and Alduin’s machinery, meaning he must learn how to fight all 3 types of enemies, and in Infamous 2 he fights military personnel, ice conduits (including the Titan who is just a massive conduit and not a boss), and conduit monsters (including the Hive Lord and Ravagers which are also deemed not bosses as you fight them on multiple occasions, and sometimes more than one, and no I won’t count that one mini boss conduit known as devourers) again, not counting boss fights. Delsin has only really fought concrete DUP, he never really fights any other types of beings, sure he’s fought angels for a really short time, but they aren’t constant enemies. So, another point to Cole as he knows how to combat against multiple types of enemies.
So, in those 3 categories, Cole has the advantage, not saying Delsin can’t do this but we don’t know right now, also not saying Delsin doesn’t have an advantage anywhere, for example he can handle numbers way better than Cole can, but Cole has much more useful advantages. Also for those who think Delsin can take Cole’s electric abilities and use it against him, he’d still have to find blast core relays, or he can’t do anything, there is only a slight chance he’ll gain any abilities without needing the core relays but there is also a chance he’ll fully need them as well and won’t be able to use any of his powers, rendering him useless. Cole happens to be the better Conduit out of the two.

Cole: Alright, that’s 3 victories for me

And the winner is Cole MacGrath


+Can fight all types of enemies
+Switch on the fly
+Better with techniques
-Can’t handle numbers as well
-Not as many powers


+Handles numbers better
+More powers and capabilities
-Not as tough
-Lacks power augmentation
-Only fights one type of conduit
-Must go to a power source to switch
-Not as good with techniques, even though his skill factor equals out

As always, I do hope you’ve enjoyed, if you want an alternate ending, then ask and you shall receive.

+Genius 474 +Danny Von Doom +Straight outta Tampons +Omega +Sonicソニック (Sweet I can tag you again temporarily, but I probably won't annoy you)

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To be honest

Also I'm bored

Also I'm not saying that's an actual term but what I consider an "Anti fanbase" is a counter or rival fanbase that is made solely to go against a product of a bad fanbase, for example, people who randomly attack Steven Universe or Rick and Morty fans because of their bad fanbase

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What is your favorite Chip Skylark song anyways
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My Shiny Teeth and Me
Find your Voice
Icky Vicky
My Shiny Teeth and Me
Find your Voice

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These are a few of my favorite Spider-Man villains, but who do you like the most out of them?

Note: I know Venom because an anti-hero later on, I just wanted to use his villainous part for this post.
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We know all about you!
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That was a scream!
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They'll come to hating you
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I'll kill you dead, Pete
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It's time to light the candles!

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Death Match: Nam-Ek (Man Of Steel) Vs. The Destroyer (Thor).

Random Encounter.

Standard Gear.

Stats Balanced.

The Destroyer Will Be Piloted By Loki For This Death Match.

Location: Puente Antiguo (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Some Information On Nam-Ek (Man Of Steel).

Some Information On The Destroyer (Thor).

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Nam-Ek (Man Of Steel)
Poll option image
The Destroyer (Thor)

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Dennis honestly has some pretty cool fanart for a nearly forgotten character
PhotoPhotoAnimated Photo
3 Photos - View album

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Friendly reminder that Timothy Tiberius Turner used to have a crap ton of connections before becoming the anti-social kid with only his fairies
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