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FREE iZotope Ozone 8 IMAGER (How To Use It)

Ozone Imager is a FREE stereo imaging plug-in for your DAW or NLE. Born from Ozone’s legendary Imaging technology, Ozone Imager can narrow or widen your stereo image with simple controls, stunning visuals, and incredible sound.

Link in the description of the video. Thx!


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LAST DAY! Get the Nebula Space Reverb & Atmosphere Generator VST plugin for just £1!

Check out - for more info and to download the demo version.

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See what U78 Saturator can do

I like Audified. In recent years I've seen how this company has built their own niche in the plugin world with small steps towards their very own sound. I made this quick review to show (and hopefully explain) the basic functions of the so called U78 Saturator or, in the company's own words:

"Valve saturating plug-in based on the circuitry of the famous U73b Compressor."

"Almost anything is possible in the digital world. With the right skills and technology you can create absolutely anything you like... like the U78 Saturator. So we took the circuitry of the legendary U73b compressor and played around a bit to come up with some seriously satisfying saturation!"

"More than modeling
To start with, we removed our award-winning U73b Compressor plug-in's compression function. Filters were added, together with the tone control, and, finally, a strong gain control completed the U78 Saturator. We kept the heart and soul of the machine to deliver the beautifully musical tube sound. The result is a saturator that sounds like no other. The U78 Saturator is even better than the real thing, being blessed with the things that dreams are musically made of."

"U78 Saturator is iLok protected. The hardware key is not necessary, only the License Manager. Please refer to our guide to see how to activate the trial and full versions."

"U78 Saturator Controls
Gain - adjusts the input gain of the saturation circuit. (The higher the settings, the more rich the sound that can be achieved.)
HiPass - sets the cutoff frequency of the high-pass filter, which comes before the saturation circuit in the signal path. (The range is from 30 Hz to 800 Hz - turn the knob to minimum to turn off the HiPass filter.)
LowPass - sets the cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter, which comes before the saturation circuit in the signal path. (The range is from 1 kHz to 8 kHz - turn the knob to maximum to turn off the LowPass filter.)
Tone - controls the U78 Saturator's unique tone filter. (Lower settings produce darker sounds with more low frequency content; conversely, higher settings result in brighter, sparkly sounds.)
Mix - controls the dry and wet signal ratio. (The dry signal is delayed to match the wet signal path latency to prevent phasing issues.)"

Technical specifications
Mac OS X 10.9 - Mac OS X 10.12
Windows 7 - Windows 10

AAX 32b, AAX 64b, AU 32b, AU 64b, VST2 32b, VST2 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b AAX 32b, AAX 64b, VST2 32b, VST2 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b

Drums Dean Wuksta:


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If you like this video, please Subscribe to my Channel for more!

Live Synth Jam Berlin School 2.0 using hardware Synthesizers.

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FREE plugin - SIR Audio Tools FREE SpectrumAnalyzer

This is a quick video to show the free version of this amazing tool in which I had the pleasure to collaborate.

From the website:

SpectrumAnalyzer is a state-of-the-art spectrum analyzer plugin, which offers a lot of opportunities to display the spectral content of your audio material, which helps you create a better mix. It comes in two editions, a free and a full version.

SpectrumAnalyzer uses modern and reliable techniques to analyze your audio material. It has a FFT (Fast-Fourier-Transform) and an analog-style (parallel band-pass IIR filter) engine, both of which can run simultaneously. So you can benefit from the more accurate time resolution of the band-pass filters and the better frequency resolution of the FFT at the same time. Check out the cool intelligent peak-detection, which automatically detects resonant frequency peaks in the signal. Use the snapshot function to easily save the current state of your analyzer, so you can compare the spectral profile of your current project with other songs. It also includes a VU-Meter (with peak and RMS measurement) and a Stereo Correlation Meter.

Supported Plugin Formats:
VST, VST3, AudioUnit & AAX 32/64bit

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