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Hello there, fellow Clasher!

Before you post in this wonderful community, please refer to these rules.

1. No swearing
This will result in the comment or post being removed. Remember, there could be young Clashers here, and they could pick up off your bad habits, so be aware!

2. No low-quality posts
This includes things such as "Hi, I'm new to the community", "I love CoC", or poor quality pictures. We don't need to know if you're new, just post what you would post. As for pictures, use screenshots for better quality.

3. Keep posts Clash related
This is a very important rule, and one that should be blindingly obvious. This includes posts about Boom Beach, another game by Supercell (the creators of Clash). Anyone caught posting one a reshare post (even a Clash related one) here as well will be banned on the spot.

4. Do not buy and sell accounts
Before you buy that awesome th9 base up for sale, it's worth noting that if you're th4 and up or have purchased gems, you're stuck with your own account. And besides, buying someone else's account takes a bit of challenge out of the game in terms of not having to build up the village as much. Buying or selling accounts will result in a insta-ban.

5. Do not post anything about gem hacks or reward codes
They are fake, and considered malware. They will be removed instantly. As for reward codes, they are considered spam, and they will be removed instantly as well.

6. Post in the correct categories
We don't remove posts that break this rule, though it doesn't make sense to post a layout in, say, Memes and Fanart. However, posts will be removed if they are posted in the Moderators Only or Spam category, whether it's funny or big update news, it doesn't matter.

7. No self-promotion
Asking for subs and likes when posting YouTube videos is allowed as long as a valid reason is given, however, self-promotion on normal G+ posts isn't, same when asking people to view your YouTube channel. You are allowed to promote your clan, however.

That's it for now. More rules will be changed and added over time.๏ปฟ

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New coc upcomming update sneek peeks:

Hey guys this is a suprise video
it contains sneek peeks of new update coc
watch it to know:

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Max Archer Queen vS All Troops

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#clashofclans #coc #cocstrategies #supercell

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Such a rushed village

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Just maxed my TH5!
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