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Hi Everyone.
I would just like to announce that we have a new way to contact the GMs.

Please submit any private feedback, playbook submission, item ideas, or any other custom material you'd like to have approved to this email.

When you submit something, please be sure to include your name in the community and a brief response to these questions:

"Why do you want to include it?"
"What does it add to Greybark?"
"How does it set itself apart from the core materials?"

Also, to keep the GMs sane, we request only one item in the queue, per player, at a time. 

We will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

We have committed ourselves to reviewing, at minimum, 3 third party or custom playbooks, items or other ideas per week. Once these things have been approved they will be approved across the board for any player to access. However, we will not supply you with third party material, it will be up to you to purchase and download that for your consumption.

If you have any comments or concerns, please let us know!

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This happened.

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Summer ended and regular life is starting again, which means I have time. Is there interest for Greybark or other gaming? I got Fellowship over the summer, too.

If there is interest, I'd also like to know some time slots people are available. <3

Heyo! So when/do people have time to play? If you guys give us some good days or time slots, we could try and arrange games in those. :)

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I have a post about DW races and classes and player agency.

Hey guys!

As some of you already know, I recently got the initial shipment in a Kickstarter I helped fund, for a FATE RPG game called Mindjammer. After reading over the core rulebook and supplementary adventures I've figured that playing most games with this isn't a quick pulled-together deal; if I want to run a game I'll need some players that would be interested in spending a session based around character creation and setting background, and maybe three or four sessions after that based around one of the supplementary campaigns.

Is anyone at all interested? If so, I'd love to work out about when we could get on together and play!

Oh, yes. Mindjammer. It's a sci-fi RPG set in the far space. There's equal mixes Star Trek, Star Wars, and simple Sci-Fi awesome. Please feel free to do some research on it and if there are questions just ask!

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I think I found the class I want Vylnessa to be. I just have to submit it to the GM email thing.

Everything in Heaven and Earth: Part 2

The curtain drew to a scene of carnage and destruction, the crew of the Floating Butterfly scattered, many dead and dying, in the wreckage after their fall. Zhang Shia and Takeru awoke to this chaos, and wandered shell-shocked for a moment before snapping out of it at hearing the sound of a group of "Salvage Re-claimers". Quickly discovering these re-claimers were simply bandits the group tried to talk their leader away from the wreck, to no avail. Quick thinking proved the best course as once leaving the bandits were shredded by the people pursuing the group. Zhang Shia and Takeru were forced to flee alongside General Kaneyori carrying the wounded Lotus Blossom.

The group was stopped by a kongohki who claimed to be a commander of the Swarm. He attempted to batter the party int submission but the battle was interrupted by a search party from Takatsukasa castle.

The group was escorted by the search party to a staging ground overlooking the castle gates, and showed them the Hyakki Swarm had placed Takatsukasa Castle under siege. Zhang Shia and Takeru sent for reinforcements from Takeru's adoptive clan, a few neighboring kingdoms, and from Lord Ayanokoji. Reinforcements backing them, they began to break the siege.

During the defense of the gate while waiting for their reinforcements to break through the enemy ranks the group was split in a desire to help Lord Shinji of the Takatsukasa court, or to defend. Zhang Shia ran off with some help to aid Shinji while Takeru maintained the defensive line.

The Hyakki Siegecannon arrived and obliterated the gate, tossing the group back inside the courtyard of the castle. Thanks to aiding Lord Shinji however, he was able muster some Yoroi Armour riders and put back a defensive line without giving a centimeter.

Flying Razor leaped through the gate, bypassing the Armour line and began the epic showdown with Takeru and Zhang Shia over the fate of Lotus Blossom. Zhang Shia fell in battle, but not before truly proving her devotion to her cause and to peace among these warring kingdoms. Takeru finished Flying Razor with a throwing knife into his soul mirror, freeing his tortured soul from servitude and avenging his fallen comrade.

Meeting with Lord Takatsukasa, Takeru was thanked for his service, and the Lord apologized for Flying Razor and his band, a group hired by dissenting nobles in the Takatsukasa and Ayanokoji domains who opposed the peace deal. Takeru left, feeling deep sorrow, but with a vow to destroy the Swarm, leaving no piece behind.

Shameless Plug: Join us again next time in Works of the World. Feel free to vote on what system we try next at

Community Meeting 10.4.2016

- Medic playbook approved (if you want to use it, you need to buy it first!)
- Kelly is now a campaign GM! Hooray!
- Things were planned. >:)

As a reminder, if you want to GM
- Library games?
Go for it! Make an event, mark it Library, tell the players what system and you're good to go!
- Campaign games?
GM some Library games first and let us GMs know you want to GM campaign so we'll make sure to stalk your games extra hard and also give you feedback. 
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