Fyom ehhufij à cuhi çe ? Wécusudeduyrm ! Fyom êdim c'or ti lim liucciohm elum, vi feum oducumih si cerkoeki byoh dhermliddhi tufihmim urwyhleduyrm syrsihrerd bciur ti snymim ! Çe fe êdhi lehherd ! Syrdesdih lyu ir LB mu fyom ehhufij à cuhi sice !

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Zelda "Lucis Cealum" Shimonoseki (Phoenix)
Bow and arrows
I will soon be married to +Prompto Lucis Caelum​. I'm always willing to help others that can't protect themselves. I most of the time don't take no for an answer if it's a friend or family that are in trouble. I fight for the good, not the evil. 
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I was walking around the streets of Bevelle, looking for someone, I didnt know who yet, but i needed something to bring me out of this metaphorical ditch i was in. I turn around and see someone that I had no idea who it was, and thought maybe they could help me.

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I am sorry I did not post a pic....

( +Sakura Swan​) *arrives at besaid after becoming one of sakuras guardians

Age 40
Child of: kimihri (the ronso guy)
Nationality: kilika
Accent: brittish
Personality:grumpy and ignorant when provoked but otherwise cheerful
Skills: using spears and makes friends easily
Hobbies: hunting
Likes:everything that is good
Dislikes:sin and kimihri
Guardian to sakura
Lives at:besaid
Bio:left at the age of 10 on the street by kimihri and he learned to hurt to keep alive
Crush: none

is wandering around (open rp)

Name: Zephyr
Age: 19
 Gender: Male
 Child of: Lulu
 Sexuality: Straight
 Nationality: Human
 Accent: Bevelle
 Personality: quiet, but when he opens up, he is extremely hyper
 Skills: speed, magic
 Hobbies: studying about Zanarkand
 Likes: Research, his friends
 Dislikes fighting
: Weapons:twin blades/knifes
 Guardian or summoner: Guardian
 Guardian to: Unknown yet
 Rank: guardian
 Magic: basic balck magic
 Live at:Bevelle
 Bio: After his mom died, he went searching for something to protect, to honor his mother.
 Crush: None....yet.

((+rabbitron the animatronic rabbit.))

Sakura was walking to the beach where she sat near the water thinking about what her grandfather did to fight sin and then her mother and father fighting and wondering what will happen to her on her quest to fight sin and bring the calm to spira smiling her hair flowing in the wind when...

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Name: Lamina
Age: 17
Gender: male
Aeros if summoner: not summoner
Child of: none
Sexuality: straight
Nationality: Ai Bert
Accent: American
Personality: laid back, cunning, vicious
Skills: multi-foe combat, stealth, speed
Hobbies: collecting weapons
Likes: weapons, armor, books
Dislikes: wasting time
Weapons: dual sabers
Guardian or summoner: guardian
Guardian to: N/A
Rank: guardian
Magic: fire, nature, combat
Live at: Killiak islands
Bio: unknown
Crush: none
Others: N/A
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