I would like to share what I have so far of my short story I've beem working on for a couple of days.
It's called That One Night
I'm still going to therapy because of what happened that one night. It was scarring not just for me.
It was the year 2015 on a really fuzzy day in October. My friends and I had gone to a carnival in New York City. It was a fantastic day other than what had happened later. We decided to get some cotton candy and go on some rides. Earlier on the news there was a report of a killer clown. Most killer clowns would appear the following year in 2016 though. I didn't really believe it. I went with Josh and Amy. Josh was a emo/punk/hipster with a sarcastic personality he had snake bites, earrings, and a tattoo of a dragon. He usually wore a beanie and black. He had glasses and blonde slightly bleached hair. Amy was a bubbly blue haired person. She loved colored anything. She was childish and very very cautious. She sometimes wore a cape. Josh and Amy were my best and only friends at the time. We used to be huge halfwits, we would walk into dark alleys for no reason ect. There was a really dark alley so, we went down it. That was the worst decision of our lives. My traumatized one, and their short lived ones. . We walked into the alley. "Woah" Josh said. We continued walking. Amy pulled out a flashlight "heh, just in case" she said sweating a little bit. Eventually we came across a person dressed as a clown. "Sup" Josh said. "Hello" Amy said. "What are you three doing doing here?" He asked us. "Oh my gosh, I'm so so sorry" Amy said. "What does it look like we're doing, baka?"Josh asked sarcastically. He was fluent in Japanese. "What did you call me, boy?" The clown person asked. "Nothing" Josh told him. "Come here" Clown person said. Josh was sweating. He followed him further down the alleyway. Amy and I walked back to the carnival grounds. After a while we walked back into the alley looking for Josh. What we saw was horrific. Josh was on the ground with cuts all over his face and body. Amy screamed. I just, stood there. Looking at his face in horrible conditions. He didn't notice I was there. "Josh?" I quietly asked. "Jeannine!" He yelled he got up and attempted to walk. "Oh my..." I said "We have GOT to get you to the hospital this second!"

Sorry I haven't been on here in FOREVER! I love this community and it means the world to me. I have a prompt for you.

Aliens have captured you and put you in your people zoo. Every day, you can pick 1 craft to make, 2 movies to watch, and 3 meals to cook. What would the first five days be like for you in the people zoo?

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Hi, so I don't really mean to self-promote but... I kind of do.
I started a new blog ( my first )in order to help aspiring writers like myself with their work. There will only be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and, unless you want it to stay private, other members ( if I get them ) may have some helpful comments to make. I literally just created it tonight, so you guys will probably be the first to see it. Please check it out, I accept writing of any style. Thanks, the link is down below.

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#FreeForKindle this Tues 4/5 and Weds 4/6. 

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War has come, and he doesn’t dare rely on his untested talents after stealing the coveted Goldshard, which makes strength and invincibility just a panicked whisper away. His dependency on it carries him through many dangers, until it becomes an enemy far worse than those he must fight hand-to-hand. And the allies he meets on his quest are just as troubled: a legendary warrior too afraid to leave his sheltered paradise, a wizard tormented by his past, and a disgraced king who has lost any hope of saving his people. 

A FACET FOR THE GEM is a coming of age fantasy that brings Morlen from distant kingdoms to sprawling airborne battles, into the fiery breath of a stony dragon and side-by-side with a lady knight who is the last person in need of rescue. Follow him as his epic adventures culminate in a final showdown against swords, fangs, and greatest of all: his own fear.


I just wanted to do one of these because it's easier to come up with then Book Recommendations because I've been behind because of: School, just being busy, sickness and procrastination.

Here we go!

You finally get to meet someone you've been looking up to your entire life and they ask you to come and do something with them (example: a YouTuber would ask if you wanted to record a video, a singer would ask of you wanted to record a song or go to their studios, etc.) how would you react? Would you be able to go? Would your parents be okay with it?

I'm going to try to do this or book recommendations as often as every other day but I might not who knows.

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#BookishMadness is back today with the Day 1 of Round 3!  There will be two tweets from me: @ReadingMusing and two posted by Joli from Literary Quicksand (@LiteraryQSand).  Be sure you are clicking the # to vote in all of the polls!  The updated bracket…

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Sorry I missed yesterday's post- I was (and still sort of am) sick, I might also be missing posts for the next few days because my family is traveling, as it is spring break.

This is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. When Cath grows up being a fangirl of Simon Cowell, she never grows out of it. This is her life as a fanfiction writer, fangirl, and as a college student all in one. I would definitely recommend this book- I can pretty much relate to it as well.
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