Hello from Highlands, TX.  Nice to see Kelby Training with a community.  You all have taught me so much about photography and are a wonderful resource to go along with my college courses.  Thank you for the excellent material.

So, what' s the deal...are they down?

Hi and Happy New Year from Germany!

Proud to be part of...a Great New Year to all of you and yours!

Great to see Kelby Training now has a community on google+

Hello from Doylestown Ohio.

The kelbytraining website is broken - trying to renew my subscription and the checkout does not work. Using Chrome's debugger I can see an error being returned 'shipping method required' but this error is not displayed on the page and there is nowhere on the form to specify a shipping method!

I was just watching +Scott Kelby's session on creating books with Lightroom.  Most of it I knew, but I picked up a few tricks (thaks Scott). But what struck me as a neat idea, particularly at the start of a new year.  Go back through your best photos of the year and put them in a book for the year.  Maybe with some thoughts on the experience, what you were trying to come up with or even a tutorial to yourself, or okay just the pictures.

Get the book printed using the LR Book Module, you have at your fingertips a book that you can pull out and show friends, family, ect.... your pictures.  It becomes in effect a hardcopy portfolio in a convenient form factor.  Over time you can go back and look at how your photography has progressed and changed, or hell sit back and just enjoy the pictures and memories.  Or do like I do and remind myself that I really don't suck at photography after all. :)

I'll also repeat one of Scott's suggestions.  Get a small version of the book and carry it with you in your camera bag.  You can use it to show people you really do know you are doing.

Hello form Albuquerque.

Good day all from Sunny UK. 
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