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"I like you, I mean those honest, straightforward eyes you have."

This is currently not a roleplay account as I've yet to play the games, I plan too once I get ahold of all three copies for playstation. So this account is only for really close friends who don't mind mistakes.
I mostly post Capcom content here, Okami, Okamiden, Megaman, Ace Attorney, Devil may cry(Both versions) , and Sengoku Basara/Tokuen Ranbu. If there is not something there, and it's by capcom, please recommend it to me, Capcom along with Namco, Arc games, SEGA, and Naughty dog are my favorite gaming companies. There may be more, I just can't think of them currently.

Do not call this character a Vergil rip off, he has a different goal than Vergil. The only real things that could be considered the same is their personalities and fighting styles.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'll hopefully be able to roleplay in a few days.
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