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//open rp//
amy walks threw the hallways going to the storage room to get a sniper gun. she unlocks the door to it and grabs it. she walks out with it and you see her. you say...

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  I walk to the training room to learn some new moves. You see me and say...

+1,if you ship tris+Tobias zeke+tori lynn+Uriah 

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name- cameron parker
age- 17 
old faction- erudite 
new faction- dauntless 
parents-  veronica and jason 
sibling-  winter 
likes- music, tattoos, and piercings, 
dislikes-  now she doesn't like other factions, and weak people 
not divergent
bio- she grew up in erudite but she never liked it she always wanted to be dauntless. She likes to workout, and she is very talkative. She has been in the dauntless faction for only 1 year. 

if your making oc this is the base
old faction
new faction
divergent or not

+Tobias Eaton thanks for the invite 

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