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Elder Scrolls fans, My name is Mitchell Matthews, my whole life is Elder Scrolls Online, I literally love the game! I am a 20year old carpenter/joiner living in the south of the UK and have recently decided to take up an ESO themed project.
Since I was only a child, I have loved the whole olden fighting styles eg, swords and bows and have taken it upon myself to TRY and HAND CRAFT a bow very similar to the Daggerfall Conv Bow style new to ESO, I simply LOVE the look of it, Im literally going to try and build something in person that ESO'S developers have created.
With my profession and a little help from youtube and some tools like calving knives it should be possible, ill be creating the bow out of a sycamore tree my good friend is cutting down in a few weeks as he is a tree surgeon.
Ill Be recording my stages of the bow crafting and creating a video of my process INCLUDING the final piece! Ill stick this video on my ESO dedicated Youtube channel here "" However bare in mind crafting a bow in reallife is a lengthy project, once the trees been cut down in a few weeks it then takes 3 or 4 months to dry the log out, and thats before i even touch it!
Feel free to check out my youtube channel anyway, if you like the content and/or just want to see what this bow turns out like HIT SUBSCRIBE, and youll be notified when the video is uploaded in the near future. And of course, feel free to donate to the growing channel of ESO-Reaper!! As much or as little as you would like! :D
Hope to speak to you soon gamers, good day!

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Watch Katy Play Elder Scrolls Online in this video! Its a classic!

Looking for a guild to join i am part of the daggerfall covenant pact.

Level: 20
Armor class: Heavy
Primary weapon: Duel Wielding
Secondary weapon: Two Handed
Primary focus: Crafting 

Summary: I mostly focus on my crafting doesn't mean I can't hold my own in a fight. I am aiming to become a guilds blacksmith i currently farm for thing to deconstruct and collect crafting material. 

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Wie is nederlands en wil met mij dit spel spelen voor de xbox one voeg mij dan toe aan mijn gamertag is = TheAnimeBoyNL 

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Dorked out last night playing ESO - as someone I admire greatly befriended me in the game. (While I was out hunting I couldn't really chat)

When looking in abandoned/burned out houses or towns you can loot and is not considered "stealing". But keep an eye out because I have been finding LvL 50 soul gems just laying in fireplaces.
Will confirm later today if applies to dungeons.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of market prices? I want to start selling more things, but having a hard time finding a list.

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Skyshard Run - Flemish Guild AXIOM
Last Thursday: 4t of September 2014
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Participated in the Flemish Guild event, 'Çyrodill Skyshard Run', in which we had to find as many skyshards as possible in the northern part of Cyrodill. I play 'Lohengrin Of Flanders' and wear blue armor.
Some dungeons were looted and some anchors destroyed. Fighting was tough and intense but so rewarding.
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