I want to let potential users know about the lack of integrity of this company.  I had sold a business 11/2013 and last backed up the computer tied to iBackup 4/2014 and then the computer was put into storage.  My renewal for iBackup also happens to be in April and I ended up paying the full year 4/14-4/15.  Then on 4/15 they charged my credit card again and it was not even the same card on file, they somehow found my new credit card number and charged it.  When I contacted them they said it automatically renews unless I cancelled, well I provided them with an e-mail that said in order to renew click here, they basically told me too bad.  So I then disputed with my credit card company and they reversed the charge, so iBackups next move was to re-charge me.  I again disputed the charge and my credit card company sent me documentation from iBackup saying that I incurred overage on 1/1/2015.  Interesting since the computer has been in storage since 4/2014.
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You really need a new Android app if you want costumers.

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How to Handle Corruption from Windows Backup Files ?
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I'm having problems getting IDrive to backup my 8000 "Other Files" without stalling. I don't know if Android is hibernating the process in the background or if it is getting bogged down by the sheer number of files, but it seems to upload for a bit and then I'll notice that it has stopped. This is my initial backup so I imagine incrementals will work more smoothly once these initial files are uploaded.

Anyone else having issues like this?

EDIT: I should mention this is the Android version.

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Long-Haul Flight
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A short description of how to share files created with Apple's iWork Suite by using the WebDAV capable cloud storage iDriveSync.

iDriveSync offers end-to-end encryption since February 2013.
See http://wp.me/s2MLx1-3356 for further information.

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Do you know someone who isn't backing up online yet? Here are 5 great reasons to start backing up online!

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