When throwing a person up with negative GSM using Gravity Control, how do you determine how much damage they take once they leave your Gravity Control range? 

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I'm curious, how many of us plan to port their characters to the new edition?

I'm planning to convert this character from v2.1 to v3.

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I was organizing some books and found these four misfiled.

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Our new campaign website has launched, the players are primed to create character concepts, and we wait the arrival of the new rules...

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Some ideas to help players who are stuck on the subject of developing well-rounded NPCs to populate their character's backstory... and give the GM plenty of hooks!

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An invitation to tour my WIP setting for our planned V&V3.0: Mighty Protectors campaign...

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Funding Completed!

Last night, thanks to enthusiastic support from over 800 backers, the 3.0: Mighty Protectors superhero RPG Kickstarter was funded at over 2 1/2 times its initial funding goal. The following items are all funded, in addition to the MP rulebook itself:

* Dr. Killjoy & Spoilsport Foe File PDF
* Excel Record Sheet Pack
* Rolla Girlz Gang Guide PDF
* Situation Room adventure
* Market Forces adventure
* War Heroes WWII sourcebook
* 17" x 22" Mighty Protectors cover poster
* Signed art prints from the MP rulebook
* Custom character portraits
* Mighty Protectors Referee Screen
* Abomination Realm monsters adventure/sourcebook
* Beyond This World space adventure/sourcebook
* The Nicotines Gang Guide PDF
* Mighty Protectors Combat Log Book

The team is now hard at work, finishing up all of these items. Watch our Facebook pages or the Monkey House Games web site for future announcements! http://monkeyhousegames.com/

-Jeff Dee
Monkey House Games

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Well here's Opinions and recollection from my Test Drive of Villains and Vigilantes 3.0 : Mighty Protectors RPG

Rules Query
I have a character I created called G-Girl who due to an error on my part ended up being a 10 year old girl supergenius, gravity controller with invulnerability.

In trying to define how her powers gelled together, I had her Invulnerability stem from a psi-amplifier she created into her panda backpack called Penelope. I had defined it as an AI that regulated the psi-amplifier and someone she would speak with and have conversations with. I came up with the idea to use my inventing points to expand Penelope's role and become a full AI.

I had the idea of buying Penelope as a Pet Animated Servant: Type B , but I'm not sure how to go about doing this of the writeup to use, or sure if this the direction I should take with it?

I really would like your thoughts on this.
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