Am I allowed to be here lol

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COULD I have everyone's shoe size ASAP please?

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Would you spread the Word for me ?


  BIGVerse is a Bible Reader & Study Tool with Easton's Dictionary Search, a Bible Search and advanced controls for navigating the Bible. BIGVerse gives you complete control over Verses, Fonts, Text Sizes, and Text Colour. There are Seven Bible Versions to coose from, including The King James Version, American Standard, Douay Rheims, World English Bible, Young's Literal Translation, Greek, and The Hebrew Versions. So Easy to read, and great for the Visually Impaired.

P.S is similar, but multiligual. 

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Ok..... I dun noe most of u guysss

What grade r u guys?

Add you on google +?

r u in this school?
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