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Name: Bal Dragon

🈳Legend Name: Dragon Of The Sun

🈵Gender: Male


🈲Father: +Grimlock Asriel (Drum Bunker)

Uncle: Exveemon

🉐Age: N/A

Quote: With Fire Equals Bravery


🈹Species: Dragon

🈺Weapon: My Fire blade the Zen-Gato

Form: Impact Mode

Sexuality: Bisexual

🈶Abilities: Blue Flame slash, flashstep, teleportation, 9 dragons eye sight and
Chest Sword: Bal has a sword embedded into his chest which transforms into different objects, such as a color marker or a hammer. In a Buddyfight, it turns into different weapons depending on what his current form is.

🈚Likes:peace and meditation

🈷Dislikes: Battles and arguments

🈂Relationship: Solo/Alone sometimes

🉑Personality: Calm

Deck Type: Dragon World

㊙Items: mystic dragon amulet,Buddy Fight Monster Cards with card holder a dragon bracelet that helps me put a shield up and a adventure backpack with compass, drinks, food, technology and books ,Guns with artifacts that are dragon related

㊗Favorite food: Pizza, Miso Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Ramen Noodles, and kimchi

Impact Monster Creation: Bal has the ability to create Impact Monsters when drawing on blank cards. How he does this is a complete mystery and not even Bal knows how he creates them nor does he realize he even does so, as was the case when he created Jackknife "Full Liberate Cannon!" for Tasuku and Jack. He at least seems to be aware of his ability when he gives Zanya Gojinmaru "Ghoul Deity Arts, Dance of Yashagami!" in gratitude for fighting him.

🈁Bio: Bal Dragon was a dragon of the sun but he was supposed to be a card until he became a buddyfight dualer he was a not human he fought for the dragon world and protected the ones he loved most and that was his family but some of his friends were evil but he never gave up and he abandoned them tho he was glad to be a buddyfight dualer and he will stay that way and he likes to adventure into the abandoned tombs and find secrets far beyond his reach like solving puzzles and uncovering artifacts he all wears a mystic dragon amulet which stands for courage an power which made him much better and he won many battles as a buddyfight dualer using his amulet tho he sometimes parkcores to forbidden temples and find out stuff about his amulet and what secrets that lye behind it even tho his amulet is sacred he would just wear it as his own necklace anyways Bal the dragon of the sun will always dream and have hope of its life

Wiki Bio: In D Episode 1Sometime after Drum's departure Gao bought countless packs hoping to find a new Buddy Monster. Ultimately he pulled a Buddy Rare card, but it became an egg. The next day the egg hatched into Bal. Bal at first seemed to be confused about the world, but soon became excited and happy about Gao and his friends. Kyoya appeared stating that Bal had come to Earth unauthorized and wanted to take custody of Bal. Bal refused to and agreed to fight Kyoya in a Buddyfight despite being unaware of what Buddyfight was. Noboru found a bunch of Sun Dragon cards in Bal's egg's leftovers which Baku used to build a new deck for Gao.

The next day Gao faced Kyoya using the new Sun Dragon deck which surprised everyone. Bal was amazed with the Buddyfight game and wanted to fight. Using his effect he was able to defeat Azi Dahaka and then revealed his real power, the Impact Monster which Gao used to win. With Gao's victory Kyoya acknowledged Bal as Gao's new buddy much to Bal's joy.

In D Episode 2 Bal was eager to play Buddyfight again but didn't know how the game works so Noboru tried to teach him the rules, only for Bal to not listen and break many game rules and think he won. Angered at everyone scolding him for not following the rules Bal ran away in a tantrum and ran into Jackknife Dragon who taught him how to play the game correctly. With Jack's advice and some help with Gao, Bal won a Buddyfight properly.

In D Episode 3 Bal and Gao had an argument about Pizza which resulted with Bal running away and ran into Gaito Kurouzu and Black Death Dragon, Abygale. Gao soon apologized by giving a large amount of Pizzas to Bal which he rapidly accepted


Size: 2
Type: Monster
Power: 5000
Critical: 2
Defense: 3000
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Sun Dragon

Unleash! Impact Dragon!! - D-BT01/0022 (R) - D-BT01/0126 (BR)
Roar! Invincible Dragon!! - D-BT02/???? (????)

Ability / Effect:
[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
When this card attacks, for this turn, this card gets power+5000.
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Welcome to the world of Elemental Petals, in this world there are wolves who have the power of the petals.
They gain these powers when they turn 2 years old, but only certain wolves gain this mysterious power.
But there are wolves who use this power to take away the power of others to use for there own use.
(The bad wolves will be in the next post)
Let me introduce the 7 wolves who protect wolves with these powers from the bad wolves known as the toxic petals.
1. Flare: +BlueSnow River Guardian
Power: Fire
Special attack: Fire petal sphere
Type: Attacker
Gender: Female
Personality: Serious
2. Mira: +LovePuppy AJ
Power: Light
Special attack: Light petal pillar
Type: Defensive
Gender: Female
Personality: Unknown
3. Duke: +Jimmyrobot15
Power: Water
Special attack: Water petal storm
Type: Attacker
Gender: Male
Personality: Outgoing and Playful
4. Kiira
Power: Physic
Special attack: Physic petal tidal wave
Type: Healer
Gender: Female
Personality: Unknown
5. Sky +TheDark AngelWolfie
Power: Wind
Special attack: Wind petal Sword
Type: Offensive
Gender: Female
Personality: Serious
6. Kyla +Mini Lilac
Power: Grass
Special attack: Grass petal wave
Type: Offensive
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing
7. Darian +laelah53 A.J.
Power: Night
Special attack: Night petal strike
Type: Offensive
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind
Please put in the comments which custom character you would like to be, once all are taken OC's can be used.
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This is the Toxic petal group, this group of evil wolves plan on taking all the power from every wolf for themselves.
They are very powerful but are always defeated by the Elemental petals, let me introduce them.
1. Ky (K-eye): +Bluecobaltwolf/Bluecottonwolf
Power: Toxic and Fire
Special attack: Toxic fire petal strike
Gender: Male
Personality: Evil
Rank: Spy and warrior
Type: Attacker
2. Loda (load-ah)
Power: Toxic and thunder
Special attack: Toxic thunder bolt
Gender: Male
Personality: Evil
Rank: Alpha
Type: Offensive
3. Brittany
Power: Toxic and Poison
Special attack: Toxic poison needles
Gender: Female
Personality: Evil and quiet
Rank: Warrior
Type: Attacker
Please comment what character you want to use, once they are all taken OC's can be used.

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