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💝Win AMC Security code by writing down your suggestions for the upcoming version of AMC Security.

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AMC Security Spring Giveaway Event starts today! (100% WIN). Enter now to get AMC Pro: 

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2017 AMC Spring Giveaway
Come and get free promo code!


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I can't seem to get the link for testing to let me become a tester. How can I get into it?

Отличная программа. Жаль, что платная. А работает ништяк. Протестировал.

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Share if you agree! ;) 

trying to figure out why I sign in and it has me listed as the basic user ....been beta for years how do i fix that?

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#GIVEAWAY# Happy Valentine's Day!

Win IObit AMC Security Pro code (3 months) by joining the app's facebook event.

Hi I had to reinstall again AMC Security of IObit after I format my android smartphone Xiaomi Pro . However I cannot find how and do not know how reactivate again my AMC PRO as I still have another 10 months more.
Will you kindly show me how to activate AMC Pro again on Android Pls?

Anthony Borg
From Malta 
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