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AMC Security Mother's Day Giveaway Starts today. Join us here:

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Watch this great video from Hindi Tutorails!

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Dear all,

AMC Security 5.0 Beta is finally available on Google Play!

Follow the guide below and help us to do the final adjustments! Post you test result under AMC Security 5.0 Beta category. We also give away Pro License code to the positive tester in the meanwhile. Come on, we’re here to hearing from you! 

Test Time: May 25 to May 31

Test Rewards: AMC Security Pro License Code (Pick up positive tester randomly)

Test Requirements:
1、Required Test
-Check the new Material Design UI is suitable for all your devices or not
-Check Scan, Booster, Security and all the pages with animation to see if it smooths enough
-Check the files locked in Privacy Locker still there or not
-Is there anything make you confused under the new workflow?
-Is there any crash during your test time?

Note: We haven’t had time to localize all the languages AMC Security supported. If there are some language errors, please do not worry. 

2、Freely Test
Test what you want including the user experience and other thoughts from you.

How to become a tester?
Step 1: Click the following link:

Step 2: On the next page, select to become a Tester and then click: "Download AMC Security from the Play Store" You will be transferred to the Play Store to download AMC Security 5.0 Beta!

Note: Since it is a beta version, the version number will be displayed as 4.7. Once the AMC Security was officially launched, version 5.0 will display accordingly.

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*AMC 5.0 Beta Test Announce*

Hi all!
AMC Security 5.0 is COMING! By the end of May, we invite you to test our Beta Version in Google+. Please first join our community in G+, we will inform you when the Beta Version is released, then you can download it in Google Play!
Help us find bugs and give us your suggestions. You will have chance to win PRO licence for 1 month. Come to join us!

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Will I tell you something is coming soon? :)

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Hi all,
We want to make a more friendly and simple UI for AMC5.0. There are two new draft verison as below:
Which one do you like better?
A at the left is the one with a blue background
C at the right is the one with a rainbow backgound.
B in the middle is the current UI of AMC 4.0

If you don't like all of them, please tell us why or speak up your suggestion directly.

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