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I know today is mothers day so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there i'm also a mother but today does not stop me from trying to make money well anyway i just need to know if there is someone who has heard of a company called American Diversified Publications, Inc. I have heard about them years ago but like everyone else out here i don't have the time or money to waste on it every buck counts in my house but if there is any one who has heard or is doing this program can you please let me know if it's legit please and Thank you so much 

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 Cloud Canyon has Luxurious Designer
Soy Candles, and Shea Therapy.  You can enjoy the
products yourself or get into business with us
as a consultant and earn extra income.

Today we are featuring:

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Our Luxurious Designer Japanese Cherry Blossom
Candle is from our beloved Cherry Blossom scent,
with its beautiful, bright floral blend of cherry
blossom, red plum, dewy watermelon, and hints of
wisteria, and warmed it with the softest bit of
musk and sandalwood.

Our candle is made with 100% vegetable wax derived
from soybeans. We choose soy because it is eco-friendly,
a renewable source, American grown, and sustainable.
Soy burns cleaner, cooler, and longer than paraffin
based candles.

We make our candles with a cotton wick and fine
grade fragrances and essential oils.

Our candle is contained in a reusable - recyclable
glass tumbler with a heavy glass bottom. After the
candle is used the tumbler will make for a great
story when your friends have a drink in this
beautiful piece of servingware.

* Burn time: 60-80 hours
* Made with 100% soy wax
* Beautiful glass tumbler
* Sealed lid to preserve fragrance
* Enclosed in beautiful gift box
* Tissue wrapping inside box
* Fine grade fragrances
* Designer candle
* 100% scented
* Hand crafted
* Hand poured
* Burns cleanly
* Cotton wick
* Earth friendly
* No animal products

Once on this page scroll to the bottom of the page to get started.

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