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For a bit of fun I've been piecing some of my geomorphs together, and thought I would share the result...
Following on from my last post...'s a 'little' dungeon I've put together that utilises maps from all of my different geomorph collections :)




*Transitional Tiles:

*Dungeon Monthly maps:


*Note that I'm still adding to these albums
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Nice work! I'd play that.
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Peter Regan

Mapping  - 
A lighning-fast, pre-Christmas campaign to reprint an improved version of our A3 grid pads. Here's a link to the project page:
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The best laid plans 
The best laid plans of a GM are often befuddled by die rolls, player agency and the preponderance of spellcasters with Weirdness Magnet in the party. Four of my juniors have it; Jareth Mooncalled, ...
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Part 2 has just been released - well worth a look if you haven't already. 
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Currently reading it. Book one is absolutely amazing. 
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Here are the procedures we're using in our Dwimmermount campaign to handle activities in town, which is the base of operations in the barest sense: characters only buy and sell stuff there, and occasionally hire new henchmen.
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Started drawing a map this afternoon after being inspired by Thaumiel Nerub,. I must say, I quite found a bit my own style and I drew this map as a test.

During the Crusades, the Knights Templar conquered most of the Holy Land. One of them who returned from such a perilous adventure, was sent back home to the West after having served the Order for many years.

It is said he was buried in an ancient tomb where dungeon delvers can go find out where his HELMET, his SWORD and his SHIELD are located. But the dungeon is full of dangers.

Spawn points mark the spots where skeletons can spawn (or any other monster), pits and pressure plates are to be found, special locations where treasure is stored, buttons on walls close and open pits or doors etc...

May be used for free and no charge. If you use it, I would be very happy to get some feedback: How did it go? Was the party proceeding fluently or was it too difficult? Did they survive and find the three objects of the Crusader (helmet, sword and shield) and.. did they get out alive?

All I can say now is, ROLL THEM DICE :-)
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+Thaumiel Nerub Thanks, my friend.
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Ken “Rusty” H

Brainstorming  - 
Oh, so that is why it is so weird in the dungeon and the Deep Dark...
Introduction Deep under the earth lies the Vardray Discontinuity. It was discovered in ancient times by the sage and wizard, Vardray. His writings have been lost to us, but Pliny the Alder, the great elven scholar and encyclo...
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+Mike Harvey Thanks!
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A Sketch of A dungeon I will redo soon.
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Dawn of Eradu Campign has started ... they don't necessarily know this is a megadungeon yet :)
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Didn't know this community existed :)  Excellent!  Hello all.
Thought I'd throw a megadungeon at you!
Devilsdeep Undercity
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Haaha excellent ;)
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Steven M

Design  - 
CC1 Creature Compendium - Remember those flashes of inspiration that electrified your brain when you first picked up that hardback volume of mon
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Steven M

Design  - 
6 Random Dungeon Rooms VII. Modular dungeon rooms that can help populate your dungeon of death. ;-)
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As Castle Gargantua now hits the Electrum Seller bar, there's a small/fun/DIY/bad unboxing and playing with minis video now on Youtube.

The reviews roundup for this week include reviews by B/X Blackrazor +Jonathan Becker  and Michael Hansen . Here are a few extracts, freely and freshly cut.

All in all, it's a very tasty adventure, and the first "megadungeon" I've seen that I'd actually be interested in running. Castle Gargantua is ostensibly "system neutral," though it has a definite Lamentations of the Flame Princess vibe to it (not only with the gothic-horror themes but the use of terms like "specialist" instead of "thief." It's level neutral as well, being designed to scale based on the average party level, which makes it pretty nice for groups in the low-mid range. For me, I'd like to run it with Michael Thomas's Blueholme Prentice Rules...for all the gore and scandal, I think there's plenty of whimsy in the adventure, too. It reads much more like a dark fairytale to me than...well, than anything else I can remember seeing for Dungeons & Dragons, save (perhaps) for some of the old UK modules (still, those weren't terribly "dark"). It's still D&D, however.

The dice generation system for the rest of the castle is very clever. You roll one each of a d4, d6, d8, d12 and d20 and each die corresponds to a result on a table. Each color coded region of the castle has its own table. This is a really neat method because in a single roll you generate all of the details about the room and what it contains. Castle Gargantua is compatible with any number of OSR games (he suggests Labyrinth Lord or Lamentations of the Flame Princess). I used the ultra light Into the Odd playing two characters. It ended up being a deadly choice for me as I only explored one blue/stone section and a yellow/gold section before being slaughtered and eaten by cannibals :-).

All in all I think this is a really neat procedurally generated dungeon that lends itself to solo play as long as you're comfortable adjudicating results in a handful of areas. Given the way everything is randomly generated, you'll be exploring new weird areas even after multiple plays.

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Ride the beanstalk and crawl into the sprawling halls of Castle Gargantua. There awaits the most legendary of giants, giants the size of a tower, and the fiercest creatures known to man. Delve further than ever for the great doors of Castle Gargantua have swung open once again, and what lies ahead isn't for the faint-hearted.

The craziest, biggest dungeon ever published by the OSR. A campaign, a massive generator for all character level, and a grotesque setting all-in-one.

A bookmarked PDF & print edition compatible with everything Old School Renaissance

It's that good! I wholeheartedly believe that KK is driving home the old school feel in the way that keeps the old lich alive. (…) The first thing that came to mind is that old Jack and The Beanstalk thing from the mid/early 1970's (an anime import, IIRC) but it absolutely terrified me as a wee kid. Noah Stevens

Basically this mega dungeon is the love child if David Lynch and The Brothers Grim had sex and Tim Burton was the nurse maid. (…) Castle Gargantua is the type of place that exists in some ancient fairy tale as a rumor or legend but the reality is that much more dangerous and nasty. This is one of those adventure locations that's going to change a party seriously they will not be the same after a trip to Castle Gargantua. (…) The tone, horrid fairy tale feel gone wrong and more is perfect for a dark game of Lamentations of the Flame Princess or a huge sprawling game of Labyrinth Lord. Swords & Stitchery

All of the tools are presented to organically develop an adventure that has the ability to surprise both players and Judge alike! Eric Hoffman
Castle Gargantua - Ride the beanstalk and crawl into the sprawling halls of Castle Gargantua. There awaits the most legendary of giants and
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Whoa, this looks awesome. Don't really have the funds to grab this right now, but will definitely be on the look out for it after the holidays! 
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Ed Allen

Stocking  - 
I'm back to work on my DunGen random pointcrawl generator. The lists I put together are largely inspired by OD&D, with a bit of AD&D and some extra swords and sorcery flavor mixed in. 

For people already familiar, I'm working now on offering styling options to the map graph.
Re-skin. Re-skin creatures or replace other repeating text in room descriptions and notes - there is no Undo so be careful. Replace with in Notes and all Location Descriptions. Re-skin. Import and Export. Export Import. Export dumps the data for the current dungeon into the field below.
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This is happening folks. The first step towards the complete publication of Ernie Gygax's castle and campaign is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Please spread the word! 
Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. and I (Benoist Poire) are very proud to present to you the Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter, a complete kit to start playing in the campaign created by Ernie in 1978, and now available to all.

The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is a completely self-contained sandbox module introducing Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s setting, The Hobby Shop Dungeon, and the lands of the Duinnsmere around it, to the gaming masses.

The Campaign Starter can be used with its own default setting of the Duinnsmere, and/or in conjunction with other settings, published and home-brewed. Its design seeks to reflect both the way Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. runs the game, and to be amenable to one's own preferences and play styles.

It is made of three parts, each presented as the classic modules with full color maps and keys and all the details you need to run them, which you can use together or in conjunction with one another, as the GM desires. It is presented in a First-Edition TSR compatible format, with guidelines to use with different editions and variants of the game, including Fifth edition and Pathfinder, even different genres and role-playing games. Full conversions are part of our stretch goals.

Without further due, welcome to the Marmoreal Tomb and the Hobby Shop Dungeon!
Ernest Gary Gygax Jr is raising funds for Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter on Kickstarter! The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is Ernest G. Gygax Jr.'s opening module for fantasy tabletop RPGs in The Hobby Shop Dungeon series.
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#Gridmapper  now comes with multiple levels. Use z and y to move up and down. If you use the arrow keys to move beyond the right or bottom edge, the map will grow. There are no scroll bars, however. If you dungeon is very large, you'll have to buy a bigger monitor, or zoom out, or tell me how to add scroll bars to the application. :)
If your dungeon is very large, there's probably also a problem with the URL size if you use the link to bookmark your dungeon. Keep copies of those links in your bookmarks and try them from time to time, once you reach many thousands of characters. I think the URL size limit is now 32000 characters...
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I've changed those keybindings. No more $!
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