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Shamelessly asking for advice in the new blog! It's kind of long, but it would mean a lot if you guys tell me what you think. Does this campaign sound interesting to you?

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Today, we have a double feature (the bulette!) for Monster Monday:
The above was written by Ian McGarty, and my normal blog is below:

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Only a few more sessions to go... But my players have requested an extra session both tomorrow evening and Sunday!

They really want to find the wizard's school... 

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Wanna kill half your D&D group? Including the 5th level dwarf? How about some poison gas? 

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I've been running Stonehell for a while now and really enjoying the experience!

Unfortunately I'll be moving at the end of the month... I hope that I can put together a group in NYC that'll be interested in seeing what secrets Stonehell has to offer. 

[below may be some spoilers for Rappan Athuk...]

I've been running Rappan Athuk now for about 8+20 sessions. this is my second attempt at running it. the first was using S&W and running it RAW including the kick starter goodies. Now I'm running it using 5th edition.

both games are linked - in time - but completely different gaming sessions. I have 1 player that was in both games so I kept both sessions linked in time to create some verisimilitude and to give him an easter egg reward.

the 1st run through was using a battle map and mostly theater of the mind
the 2nd run through has been completely run through Roll20 and I project the maps onto my gaming table.

So far, through both run's, we have explored the following:
- Mouth of Madness - all 3 levels (original group)
- Zelkor's ferry and surrounding area (original group)
- Temple of the frog god - partial (original group)
- Mausoleum level (both groups)
- Level 1 (new group)
- level 4a - the gut (new group)
- level 2 (new group)

I use Realm works as my campaign management tool and have added most of the content from the above including some not yet explored levels. All monsters have been converted over to 5th edition (if they are in the MM), otherwise, i have tried to find something close - black skeletons have been a PITA!!!

I have created all new Player maps to be used in Roll 20. these are high resolution maps that have removed all the secret doors and other "tells". the maps are all scaled to work with 1" squares, and each map is scaled to the correct size (eg, some are 1sq = 10', 1 sq = 20' etc... all are now normalized for 1sq =- 5')

As mentioned, rather than using a battle map, I'm using Roll20, I have 2 instances open. on my laptop I have a GM instance, and on the projector - top down setup - I have a player instance.

Each monster has a printed stand. each PC has their own unique printed stand. I have turned on dynamic lighting and have an object in Roll20 to act as the light source.

the players walk through the map in real time. in essentially turn order, and then I shift the light sources to keep up with them. when there are monsters/encounters I then add one or many of the paper stands and we conduct the encounter in person.

things that I have learned with RA and the setup:
- Realm works is awesome, but it takes a long time to convert everything over
- I really wish that all future adventure module writer would release player maps along with GM maps
- simply converting monsters from S&W to 5th edition DOES NOT BALANCE the game. PC's in 5th are way more powerful, so encounters need to be made tougher to challenge the party. this is especially true for single monster combats and named PC's.
- RA is significantly less deadly using 5th edition. Finding food is a big deal in RA, but Goodberries takes that away almost completely.
- the dungeon, at the pace that I'm running it, will never complete. it is just so darn big!

some general comments
- RA is really fun, especially if you improv and add your own content, back story and encounters
- I added a new town / camp just outside of RA. I'm not interested in beating up the PC's once they get out of the dungeon, so the gangs and factions above ground I have removed. Also, Zelkor's ferry had been completely destroyed by the previous party and that was no longer a viable location
- I rules that out of combat effects were as written, and in-combat effects were as 5th edition intended. for example, an insta-death "poison" in a vial outside of combat would insta-kill you if you drink it. a monster that would poison you in combat would simply add the poisoned condition
- make named monsters significantly tougher than the book indicates. and give them Class levels to class features to use.
- old school "callers" and other adventuring roles is essential - otherwise, the game bogs down in details.
- details matter. I insist that you have what you have and nothing more. no hand waving on the resource consumption side. you use an arrow and that arrow is gone.
- Optional encumbrance rules are essential to make hard choices for loot

I've been playing RA now long enough and with enough players and systems to be pretty well versed (at least with my interpretation of RA). Happy to keep playing it. a bit frustrated at the slow pace - but then again, since we are essentially in combat order the entire night, that's to be expected.

I highly recommend RA for anyone thinking about running a mega dungeon!


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I'd like to map my megadungeon like this, but it's going to take some time...
Rough draft from a new project ~ early attempt at an isometric map.

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For a bit of fun I've been piecing some of my geomorphs together, and thought I would share the result...
Following on from my last post...'s a 'little' dungeon I've put together that utilises maps from all of my different geomorph collections :)




*Transitional Tiles:

*Dungeon Monthly maps:


*Note that I'm still adding to these albums

Dawn of Eradu Campign has started ... they don't necessarily know this is a megadungeon yet :)

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