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Fudge meets 2e as I presented the converted 'Giff' from the Spelljammer campaign.

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Cyberpunk Cats in 'Around the Horn'. Fudge continues to be used as a permanent member of the gaming cavalcade when I do these posts.

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Another sneakpeek on the Blood In Space: Core Rulebook due out this December!

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I love fudge. That is why when I design adventures, I always make sure its compatible with this system due to it not having enough adventures (it'll never have enough adventures. :) ) and it's just a great system all around.

You might remember A Fudge Tale: Refugee Rescue from early this year, a generic fantasy adventure that can be played by itself or be melded in to a campaign. Today, I would like to present to you at the low, low cost of "pay what you want", A Fudge Tale: The Secret of Lumber Hill!

I thank each and every one of you for the support you gave me for my first published adventure and I hope you find this one as enjoyable as the first was!

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i bought these, IIRC, back in 2001 when the gaming industry as a whole had a fund-raiser after 9/11. (Or was it later, when i bought the 10th Anniversary Edition... or was that at the same time?) There's another set of the pastel ones tucked away in a dice bag.

No. You can't have them. You may look at them.

(Edit: doh, the 10th Anniversary Edition wasn't until 2005, and i likely bought these dice together with that edition. Somewhere i've got the earlier paperback edition, and might have bought them together with that. No idea.)

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Hey folks -- I've posted in here before on my personal profile (RE Davis) but decided to come back with my "gamer face" on. I've rekindled my interest in Fudge here lately because I've been really wanting to run a couple setting books I own for GURPS but didn't want to bother with that system. (I tried, I really tried.) I'm really thankful for the pages I've found still standing with guidelines on going between the two systems.

I've been thinking about doing a point-buy system for my game that is completely based off the EP values listed in the Objective Character Development section. Part of this is because I felt like tying Skills to Attributes (which I know O'Sullivan never cared for) and having them "default" to Attribute level, untrained being at -2 to the Att. rating.

Has anyone gone this route? Was it successful? Or is Fudge really better off keeping Attributes and Skills separate? I figured this way it made the conversion between the two systems feel similar, yet more streamlined than messing with GURPS math.

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+Jacob Wood is a regular here on the Fudge community. He's the author of Psi Punk and Monster Kart Mayhem. Please donate if you can, or pick up some (excellent) Fudge games via DTRPG and help a fellow gamer out in his time of need.
My friend Jacob Wood has experienced a terrible fire at his home. Everyone is ok, but they have lost nearly everything. There is a GoFundMe to help him and his family out. If you care to give a little, here's the link:

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How about a Fudge RPG 20th Anniversary Compendium?

Where we compile Fudge games, articles, and other exotica in one book/pdf?

Where old and new fans can enjoy Fudge stuff from the past and present, online, unpublished(?), etc.

What do you guys think? :-)

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A new adventure for those fudgers out there if they are looking for something to slip in to their campaign or a one off session. 
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