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We started this G+ community four years ago. It's been a great resource and destination for paper circuitry projects and people. This campaign is an important step for NEXMAP -- truly we would not be here w/o you. Take a look and consider backing the project.

If you're a mentor, coach, librarian, teacher leader, museum program person, there are lots of ways to work the booklets. Be in touch!

And if you're a maker, creative, curious learner, have a look. You'll find a great project sequence put together with a wonderful group of artists/engineers. +Jie Qi +Natalie Freed +Jeannine Huffman +Susan Lowdermilk Special thanks to +Sherry Hsi for her advice and input and to +Jennifer Dick for her energy and vision from the start.

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Maker Ed is offering a two-day intensive workshop (in Oakland) for educators eager to integrate maker-centered learning into their own practice. We will be co-facilitating the workshop with Angi Chau - Nueva's Interim I-Lab Director.

Spend two days learning by doing and creating a maker-centered learning project to use in your own class, library, or workshop. Our coaching team will support you as you learn to integrate new tools into your curriculum in order to deepen student learning. In addition to your project plan, you will create a prototype of your project.

Thursday, July 26, 2018 - Friday, July 27, 2018
9:00 AM PDT - 5:00 PM PDT

Note: Designing Making Experiences is offered free to a limited number of Oakland Unified and Title 1 teachers. If this applies to you, please email info(at) for the link to the discounted registration page.

If you are interested in credit through Sonoma State, click on the link below to find more information (and then register through Sonoma's website).

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All kinds of creative collaborations and engagement, all sorts of surprising encounters and possibilities with new materials and paper and electronics.

We are 3/5ths of the way to $25K -- help us clear that number so we can print the series. Check out the video, read the storyline -- make a pledge! -- and share widely. We appreciate it!!

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LAST CALL: USPTO Teacher Institute Applications - June 8, 2018

In 2016 we had the privilege of working with +USPTO and on the annual USPTO National Summer Teacher Institute. We worked with +Anne Mayoral, did a talk on innovation and product design, and presented design thinking / paper circuitry project with the NEXMAP Creative Process Worksheet as part of the kick-off for the week of project work.

If your summer plans still have space, and you're an educator interesting in an energizing, inspiring experience, the teachers that join this session, the USPTO staff, and invited speakers are all are excellent. Check it out.

For a look at the our session see this vimeo - It's a good picture of the energy and camaraderie in the program.

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Maintaining Community - Creating New Connections: from AK to #MFBA2018

Looking forward to tomorrow's sold out session at Bay Area Maker Faire:

Should be fun and informative! A prototyping session with the Chibi Chip and new templates for mapping local data stories.

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You Are Your Own Prototype

Another #MFBA2018 plug -- this time in the form of the +Make: Education Newsletter. See this month's column on Make's first Industry College and Career Day and finding your own path. It's got a nice notebooking theme. ;) Also, a link for a great Educator's Guide to Maker Faire Bay Area.
Make: Newsletter
Make: Newsletter

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NEXMAP Running a Kickstarter for Hack Your Notebook

Hello Everyone! Sending out a Save-the-Date: We're running a Kickstarter campaign to get our Hack Your Notebook Series printed and out into the world. We'll be sharing the video soon and launch the campaign in a couple of weeks. Visit the NEXMAP home page and to sign up for launch updates.

Four booklets:
LED - Illuminate Your Thinking w/ +Jie Qi
Pop-up - Engineer Your Materials w/Susan Lowdermilk
Microcontrollers - Program Your Pages w/ +Natalie Freed
Micro Servo - Automate Your Ideas w/ +Jeannine Huffman

Big thanks to all of you for the support and commitment to the work. It continues in all kinds of new ways, from +Jie Qi Chibi Chips to +Natalie Freed prototypes and design work to +Elisabeth Sylvan and +Claudia LAmoreaux pushing program work and partnerships forward. Can't wait for what comes next.

More news to come!
home 4 campaign
home 4 campaign

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+Jie Qi working with +FUBAR Labs members to create cherry blossoms for the 'Digital Garden' at +usasciencefest in Washington, DC. Jie counted empty battery cases, so she may have a better idea, but the number of 'Light-up Name Badges' the kids made in three days had to be more than 800. Thanks Jie for making this the best USASEF ever! The finished collaborative artwork will be displayed at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum MD. and will be on display for RobotFest on April 28, 2018.

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+Jie Qi and I figured out a super useful way to keep copper tape from falling off the roll! Wish we'd thought of this ages ago - I may finally not need to keep a bag of tangled copper tape scraps. :) Enjoy!

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Professional Development -- Connecting Materials & Practices

On Friday we were at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose with the Trustey Teaching Fellows from Notre Dame's Dept. of STEM Education. Middle school educators from around the country apply to complete a three-year certification program.

We worked Matt and his colleague Gina Svarosky for the first time last year at the Tech and had the chance to do a full-day with their educators on campus this summer. See this twitter thread for a look at how teachers connected paper circuitry with an introductory planning activity for Air Quality. Here's the first of four. Check them out. Good stuff!
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