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Name: Ankha (Κλεοπάτρα) The cat
Gender: Female
Age: 3,000 years old
Born: September 22nd 70 B.C.
Store: Ankha's Jewelry
Personality: Snooty, short tempered, friendly, sly, and talkative
Voice: Egyptian accent
House: A brick house in a shape of a pyramid. A few small Windows in it.
Catchphrase: Me Meow.
Crush: Bones
Likes: Gossiping, chatting, designing, making jewelry, and secretly loves gardening. 
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Name: Doll
Species: Cow
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Born: July 4th, 1978
Store: Dollhouse Tea
Personality: Uchi
Voice: A heavy British accent.
House: A brick house with porthole windows.
Catchphrase: Tea?
Prized item(s): Tea kettle
Crush: None
Likes: Tea, tranquility, durians, and bells.

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This it what Doll looks like.
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