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Unique mites HAZET 760-2 (Germany)

Universal tool for installation, repair and mechanical Assembly works! Thanks to a special lever, the shift of the HAZET 760-2 ticks can be performed with one hand – quickly and without interception.
This advantage is most evident in situations where the threaded part or Assembly has to be held at the same time while working with the threaded connections.
Watch the video on our YouTube channel

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42" 240W Curved Led light bar Offroad SUV with Chasing RGB Halo IP68 waterproof
Product Description

240W 24000LM Curved led light bar with chasing RGB halo ring 10 solid colors and over 72 modes
The halo ring was installed inside the led light bar ,which was protected by the lens,which can make it water proof very hardly.
50,000+hours average life span
94% optical/reflector efficiency
9-36 Volt DC input
Instant on/off, no warm-up
Operating Temp:-20~120degree
Oversized heat sink
Total Lumens:24000Lm
Housing: Extruded Aluminum, Anodized, Laser Etched
Power Consumption:240watts
Emitter:2.4w LED, 6000 Kelvin
Dimensions: 1080mm Long, 76mm High, 87mm Wide without brackets
Dimensions: 1145mm Long, 124mm High, 87mm Wide with both brackets

Package included
1x Remote (No need any controller again )
1x 240w Curved led light bar with chasing RGB halo ring +1 pc Master Turn on/off Swicth wireharness
Accessary accessories

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We continue our acquaintance with the unique SmartPuller stand of the Finnish company Autorobot Finland Oy. Today we will tell you about the possibilities of SmartPuller system for straightening the power elements of the front of the car body.
The following video we show the system SmartPuller on the bearing of the hood. Subscribe to our channel on u-tube , so do not miss it!

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Size matters!
At least, the choice of the welding clamp .
Very often when welding in a confined space standard clips (fairly large size) almost impossible to use. How to seal welded parts?
In order to welders and mechanics do not have to waste time and effort in solving this problem, the company Hazet (official distributor in Russia company #WiederKraft) has developed a unique welding Microsim HAZET 752-10.
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