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Do you know how Mama Tattletail was banned? Anyways welcome to Tattletail RP we have only one rule no cussing

Profile Template for kids

Flashlight Color:
Profile Template for tattletails

Fur color:
Favorite food:
Mama: me
Tattletail: me
That kid you play as: open
The other tattletails: me
I'm the only Mama no one else make a profile to be Mama

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Lukas was writing in his journal about the mystery of the tattletails and mama tattletails and so he would be in his room researching about it so tattletails were with mama but was then ban huh? writes it down on my journal

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Imma be random and rp as my account and I'm a mod so I don't need to be approved
Name: Star Butterfly
Age: 7
Flashlight Color: purple with a Star on it
Bio: Classified (not putting Stars actual bio)

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Name: Hannah Williams
Age: 7
Flashlight Color: Orange
Bio: Scared of Mama,Shes Sandy's sister,Likes To have a tattletail for Christmas


Hannah and Sandy woke up At night and said..
Sandy: "_Hannah Let's go find a Tattletail!!!!!!!!!!_
Hannah: yea but we can't wake up mommy and daddy
they tip toe to the basement
Sandy: finds a Tattletail box let's open it
Hannah: Opens and unwapes box
(Free Roleplay)
-December 20-

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Name: Sandy Williams
Age: 6
Flashlight: Pink
Bio: Scared of Mama,She wishes to have a tattletail one day for Christmas

hears mama footsteps coming down the hallway Making Lukas scared and is hiding in the closet and writing in his journal
Journal Entry #23
I'm hiding in the closet for my own safety hiding from Mama who is currently trying to kill me but with a tattletail and (Y/N) we should be safe away from her and perform a ritual from one of the Tattletails had mention about but I don't know how long we will be safe in here

This might be weird so Imma invite someone

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Name: Lukas
Age: 17
Flashlight Color: white
Bio: Lukas is a 17 years and enjoys the mystery of anything scary or anything interest that make him kinda or mostly scared
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my oc.

Name: Angelcake
Nickname: Angel
Fur color: pink
Favorite food: anything sweet
Quotes: " it wasn't me * giggles * " " he/she did it! "
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