Good Morning Friends from Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour Village UK where I live today 23rd of September 2013 and My Time 9.45am - I have launched The South East of England Rotary E-Club in formation assisted by my Rotarian Friends in District 1100 any information at this stage should be directed to - Rotary E-Club in the South East of England is aimed at two groups - Aged between 18-30 years will incorporate what is known at Rotaract and the other other group is aimed at over the age of 30 years - Rotary E-Club in South East of england is aimed to attract busy people living in the 21st Century who dont want to be tied up to a strict Traditional Normal Rotary where members have to dress up and involve meetings with Breakfast/Lunch or Dinners - The Rotary E-Club is open to Men and Women and would like to hear from those  in the profession like in Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and other sectors - Please join us - I will keep you informed - My name is Sam Sweiry - Have a Good week
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