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Here are said soldier types!

1. Locked Classes
-Gods(May be changed)
-Demigods(May be changed)

2. Limited Class(Permission Needed)

3. Basic
Fighter Classes:
-Paladin(Crusader, Templar, Inquisitor)
-Dark Knight(Antipaladin, Death Knight)
-Warlord(General, Commander, etc.)

4. Magician Classes:
-Druid Magician
-Elemental Magician (You may have two mixed together only)
-Sorcerer(Wizard, Witch, etc)

5. Rogue Class:

6. Cleric Classes:
-Battle Priest
-Witch Doctor

7. Range Class:
-Bow and Blade Ranger
-Beastmaster Ranger
-Dual  Wielding Ranger
-Trapper Ranger
-Magical Ranger

8. Rare Classes:
-Magic Knights

~Profile Template~  


Call-Sign: (Your nickname)  

[Basic Details]  




Languages Spoken: [Optional]  

Soldier Type:  





Weapons: [Max 2]  

Armor Type:  

Armor Effects:  


[Biographical Details]




☆╮ Clan Sign-up Sheet  ╰☆╮
Fill in everything:

Name of Leader:

Name of Clan:

# of Members (8 is the starting #)

Clan Symbol (Leave Link or Describe):

Clan Motto:

Clan Members names:

Time clan was created: 

What kind of clan:

(Ex: Pirating clan, Adventuring clan, Fighting clan, etc.)

As the Guild Leader you must:

✓Be active at all times(unless there is a valid excuse)

✓Cannot be OP(Read the rules for more details)

✓Keep your Clan together

✓Earn their rewards(Yes, you can loot but expect fights as a result)

✓Not abuse your right as a Guild Leader. (I or your clan members can remove you from the clan)

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"Oh you think I'm high? Nah man, I always look like this. Now, give me 30 bottles of vodka, and I'll show you what being drunk truly is.... What do you mean I'm underage? "

"Man, I am a comical asshole."

"Bullies!? I love a good bully! Gives me a excuse to stomp poeple into the ground!"

"Get straight As!? What do I look like, a miracle maker!?.... wait."

"Let me go to sleep already. Class is getting ready to start."

"Ya know, you'd probably be stringer if you slept more."

Name: Belson Blotinov

Miracle Maker
The Alchemist
Bag Eye

Age: 15-16

Gender: Male

Species: Metahuman

Height: 6'5 

Weight: 220lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Purple

Nelson displays drowsy behavior, yawning or often displaying tendencies to dose off at times when he shouldn't, often looking like a fool in public, though even when amone he displays this. He also has quite a sarcastic tongue, and can seem negative when in use of it, often getting in other poeples faces when annoyed by them. He expels a bored attitude to assist in his drowsy behavior, as even though when seeming excited or positive in assuring others, he'll still end up acknowledging the pointless antics that he went through, as if winning or losing doesn't matter to him, but in fact the activity itself is important.

Carries firm liking of long novels and enjoys writing essays of his own chosen topics. Has interests in science as well.

Hates to become flustered or confused, as not knowing something is more dangerous than not knowing. Has deep hatred of individuals with no respectable opinions or words, or those who hate reading.

Belson despite his laid back attitude has a powerful imagination, one that gives him excellent leverage as a individual who loves to read and write with excellent precision and accuracy. He is a martial artist who practices tae Kwon Do, and is a red belt. He has a large understanding of science and exerts this through his power of absolute alchemy. Despite his laziness, he managed to exert a honorably strong enjoyment of the sports of soccer and tennis. He explains small in ability in gymnastics, but his level is basic despite his boast.

Absolute Alchemy:
User can perform alchemy without need of transmutation circle or the repercussions of equal exchange, and can perform their alchemy to create or replicate anything they like, that is, except a living creature. However, user can still heal those around him, and control the elements of the periodic table as well as mixtures or compounds if they like. User can create chair simply by snapping, or make a baseball bat appear in their hands by blinking, being unlimited by the boundaries of science. 

Energy Manipulation:
User can create, shape and manipulate energy, one of the basic quantitative properties describing a physical system or object's state. It can be transformed (converted) among a number of forms that may each manifest and be measurable in differing ways. The law of conservation of energy states that the (total) energy of a system can increase or decrease only by transferring it in or out of the system, thus the total energy of a system can be calculated by simple addition when it is composed of multiple non-interacting parts or has multiple distinct forms of energy.

Common energy forms include the kinetic energy of a moving object, the radiant energy carried by light and other electromagnetic radiation, and various types of potential energy such as gravitational and elastic.




Relationship: Single

Belsons father was rumored to be the greatest Alchemist the world had ever known, a man who had the ability to perform alchemy and do it perfectly through any substance, didn't matter what. He was a miracle maker. However, this miracle maker fell sick and soon died, unable to cure himself. It was at his deathbed, he passed on all he owned, including the secrets of his alchemy, to his son Belson, whom though accepted them dutifully, felt doubt that he could truly achieve mastery of hus father's abilities as a Alchemist. Despite even gaining his father's title of miracle maker, he was unable to uphold the status quo, and even as a teenager fails to truly come close to his fathers abilities. Though, it shouldn't be looked as though this makes him weak, in fact anything but. Belson has in fact practiced alchemy at a point where he could basically use anything as a weapon, with minimal difficulty. However, this doesn't excuse the fact, that over the years, he became quite lazy, feeling as though his life was too easy and honestly a waste of time around people, when he could find no one on the planet to push him like his father did. Even to this day, his search continues on in the world, for someone he can look to for a challenge.
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Here are the creatures respectively

First: Lanasasia Forest
Second: Saijin Plauetu
Third: Dansa Mountain
Fourth: Lana Cave 
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Hello, whoever has joined. I'm happy you actually came it makes me happy you chose to come here. If you want to join fell welcome if you want to look around do that as well whatever floats your boat. I will try to make this as lively a area as possible. 

First area: Lasania Forest (Housing area)
Second Area: Saijin Plateau
Third area: Dansa Mountain
Fourth area: Lana Cave

(Natural monsters will be added)
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