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text copied from a comment by "Hey Loser" aka Val Smith aka 4 other people.
"+Officer Cheeseburger of The UTTP I've got so many names, "Fanboy Destroyer" Val Smith" "Lortsort Respect and Tolerate" 'Toby Turner" So many names."

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Just stahp

R.I.P In peece

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ded... rest in pepperoni

not really sure who half of you niggas are, honestly. and dont get butthurt over shit like racial slurs or suicides. you dont have to join and we never forced you. decide to bring names of suicide victims if you want to bring attention to them. fucking ignorants

anyway it went to shit. not sure how i lost owner. +Acid Sick make me owner


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Come join the main family all , become an x-tuber today and just say fuck you to popular brainless fan bases

I am so honored to be a part of this fantastic community.

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IMO weaboos are at the same level as niggers
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