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Today will be mostly spent stuffing padded envelopes and making up parcels of orders from the stock clearance sale and getting them to the post office :)

Totally blown away by the response to this. I expected sales of clearance items to drip through at a slow rate over a three-six month period. Instead I've cleared 100+ books over a five day period!!

Maximum thanks everyone who has bought an item. If you are the fence thinking about it beaware that books are selling fast - and this weekend could be your last chance to get some of the books at 50% directly from me. 

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Stock Clearance Sale Update!

Just to let you know some items are running low on stock (Crucible of Dragons is down to three copies for example).

Also I've just added OpenQuest Adventures to the sale.

Thanks to everyone who has bought something via the sale so far. The money raised is going back into D101 to pay for development work on new titles!

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Last Day of the Monkey Kickstarter! Only 16 hours to go at time of posting! +jon hodgson has come up with the goods on the cover :)

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So Monkey is funded, and I'm going to have a break from it for the weekend. After blogging about the game 23 days before the Kickstarter started and constantly promoting it for the last 30 days of the kickstarter I NEED a break.

While the Monkey King is put aside, I'll be sorting out other D101 Business.

Gloranthan Fan Publications - I'm pretty much content complete for Hearts in Glorantha Issue 6, and so its off to the proof reader + art commission state this weekend. I'll also be spending more than five miniutes finally geting in the next issue or two of Gloranthan Adventures (the long delayed Troll Adventure book) + my Karia setting on the production scedule.

River of Heaven Companion - +Peter Frain has done a cracking cover, which I'll post sometime over the next couple of days, and I need to see where I'm upto with the content (about 90% done I think). This one is going slow but its getting there.

Beyond Dread Portals - if you are in on the playtest/peer review I'll be poking you for feedback. I'll also be looking at commissioning art, a cover and some sample interiors for when this one goes to Kickstarter later in the year.

From the Shroud #1 a small zine format mini-supplment for Crypts and Things is done and laid out, +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) has done a cracking map for the adventure, +David Michael Wright is on art duties with article contributions from +Neil Shaw. This needs one final check then its going out to release.

Life and Death Zarth Edition for Crypts and Things is laid out and awaiting art from +David Michael Wright eta some time March.

Under Dark Spires is going to get a bit of love on the writting front, its been a bit neglected of late with all the keyboard hammering due to the Monkey KS, but the ideas have still been stewing about how to make it a truely evil adventure collection to showcase the best of Crypts and Things.

Tournaments of Madness and Death for Crypts and Things, should really in a sane world be sat next in the work pile after Under Dark Spires, but +Julian Hayley is running "The Furnace" at UK Games Expo (if you run quick there may be spaces left) in June so I better accelerate the writing there :)

Meanwhile I've had an overwhelming response to my Stock Clearance Sale, despite some technical issues with the shopping cart (which are now resolved so please try again if you got stuck earlier in the week), so part of the weekend will be packing books to be mailed out on Monday. While I've not set a hard deadline for the Sale some of the books are running low on stock, so I'd advise sooner rather than later. Remember all books are 50% off and shipping is free if you are in the UK. There's some real bargins in the sale, especially the River of Heaven Softcover which is £7.5/$9.35 for 200+ pages in full colour (which I got an extra box in errror from the printers which is what I'm selling now :) ). So if you've been itching to try out the game now is a chance to pick it up cheap.

After the weekend I'll be doing my State of D101 Games which will elaborate on all the new releases I've got planned this year which is why I'm clearing out the old stock from D101 HQ :)

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Stock Clearance Sale!

To make some room at D101 HQ for the titles I'm going to be publishing in 2017, I'm having a stock clearance over at the D101 Webstore.

All titles 50% off and postage free on orders over £10 for UK orders.

In the sale: River of Heaven, Reunion, The Last Witness, Life and Death, The Savage North, Cruicible of Dragons, Hunters of Alexandria, Hearts in Glorantha 1-5 Collected, Gloranthan Adventures 1, Gloranthan Adventures 2.

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Stretch Goal 4 funded at the end of last week, so that's The Monkey Companion in the bag. That's a total of four books that the campaign has funded now. I've added six new stretch goals to the campaign which ends on Friday and funding has picked up.

Who knows where we will end our own Journey to the West :)

Hi, +Newt Newport​! I have a question about the design philosophy behind Crypts & Things Remastered. I just ran a game yesterday, and the player who chose to play a thief found himself frustrated by the feeling that the thief didn't have the same amount of special abilities as the other classes.

I admit that some of that could be a failure on my part to provide ample opportunity for him to use the abilities and skills for which the thief is specialized. That said, I do agree with him that two-weapon fighting seems like more of a liability than an advantage. Trading the amount of damage dealt* for a +2 bonus to hit hardly seems worth it.

I suppose this could be a case of the player being more used to later editions of D&D that placed a greater emphasis on balancing the classes to give them an equal amount of edges in combat. That said, I can't completely say I disagree that the thief feels like its utility is geared toward very specialized situations.

With that in mind, how did you approach the concept of that class when designing the game?

*I also feel the rules are unclear on how to calculate damage from two-weapon fighting. When it says that you take the damage of the weapons, does that mean you roll both dice and then use the average of the amount rolled, or do you use one die that represents the average of the total number of success of the dice? (E.g., the dagger does 1d4, a scimitar does 1d8, so you roll 1d6 since 6 is the average of 4 and 8.) Either way, it doesn't make sense to me to do less damage with two weapons, even with the to-hit bonus.

Hi! I drew three old grognards into the Blood of Dragons adventure in the Spires yesterday.

They resisted and refused two of the hooks presented. The hex crawl was so alluring. This country has a good reputation for hidden treasure.

The Weird Lands section was useful to reintroduce some elements of the fantastic to this rough land.

Also, combat at level 1 is gruesome.

I wonder, how did your players take the hook?

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In other news:

Crypts and Things adventures are coming along fine: Tombs of the Necromancer has new maps, updated text and is currently being re-laid out, I'm about to commission art for the Life and Death Zarth Edition, writing on Under Dark Spires is about 75% done.

River of Heaven Companion wrapping up writing and Peter Frain is creating the front cover.

*Hearts in Glorantha issue 6" is off to proof.

*Beyond Dread Portals" has an artist to be annouced soon and is currently in external playtest.

Oh and Crypts and Things, OpenQuest and Hunters of Alexandria are in DriveThru's New Year New Game sale with 20% off the pdf.

Overall quite a busy start to the New Year :)

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Just in case you missed it, Monkey is over at Kickstarter funding until Feb 10th and currently heading towards its third stretch goal :)
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