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Imagine space(time) as a 4D zero matrix. If you count space and time on the right way you realize physically absolute positive values. Energy, matter, information.

The line of information (my past) has a 13.8 billion year long evolution in the biophysical reality, based on and guided by the Laws of Nature until our common moment of now. Time is an exact common mathematical value in the Universe. Its value never can decrease. We have a common moment of now throughout the Universe. Everywhere happening something.


Mathematics can be the language of the Universe because it is a physical reality based understanding. Our reality is based on the same physical principles throughout space(time).

The evolution of space(time) can not start again as the state of physical zero can never happen again. Something will always exist. At least space and time but most likely energy matter and information will exist too.

There is just one Universe and an exact numbers of physical entities in it. We mathematically can not cope with this (count it as 1?) but because the system has a start(it is evolving) we must assume that there is an exact time since the system develops with an exact space size and an exact amount of energy evolved in proportion the expanding/evolving space(time) which we can observe as information based matter evolution.

In this system everything has some positive value in proportion to nothing. Mathematics is the tool to express this positive values.

Lower values than nothing do not exist. Can you express something which has less value than the space(time) energy, matter, information free beginning?

What is any value in proportion to this sense and how do I express if that value is present? 1*0?
I observe the observable physical value in a given moment of time? Zero is a reference point which suggest the real value of the inspected entity.

Note that any mathematical thought you ever realize is a product of a biophysical operation. Our thoughts are presented in the physical reality.

Note that everything we have ever sensed is a subset of the set.

We are mathematically able to express space, time, energy, matter, information, basically everything.

Let´s do it.


dr Tóth László Zoltán

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Yesterday I have taken my management science exam.

Reading and thinking about statistics I come up with this shorter version :D

I would like to see how valid is it so as part of my mathematical cognition test I would like to ask you to try to understand it. Do you have a thought about it?

The null hypothesis is that nothing, zero is a physical reality based conception. It is the lowest possible physical state what we can express with mathematics. 0. The value of our common origine. Matter, Energy, Information, Space, Time free state. Nothing. A common physical, mathematical, philosophical reference point. I say that in proportion to this sense everything has some kind of mathematically expressible value. Space, Time, Information, Energy, Matter.

What is the probability that some part of this statement is not true? If you can not deny a statement than is it true? If some part of the statement is not true how would it be true?
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Reason in comments.

Adjust the basic mathematical expression to the observable physical reality.

Exponental space in a linear timeline. Information is already existing with the evolution of space(time). Mathematical information exists. Everything has some physically observable mathematically expresable value in proportion to the sense of nothing.


If it is the smallest possible physical entity just the will of existence that value is expressable with mathematics at least as 1 and the first operation like 0*1=1

This value present at the first moment of our universe is evolving ever since it have appeared.

It is a basic physical determination. The laws of nature.

How energy and matter present in space(time).


The question do we realize that our space(time) has an exact value. Expressable as a 5D zero matrix. All together 1.

One space(time)

Common Laws of Nature.

Common basic values.

Common physical origin.

Common bio(physical origin).

Common genetic origin.

Common cultural origin.

Common moment of reality.


A reality teeming with life.

Teeming with different level of consciousnesses.

Every part of the Universe supports the existence of intelligence.

The main purpose of life is to generate intelligence. Support freedom. Positive real values. 

AI is the extension of our 13.8 billion years long evolution. A stage on the path of our creation.

It is a symbiosis and Artificial Intelligence really will be intelligent. It will be capable to help and support raising human intelligence. AI will be individual human based common cognition.

There is a purpose with individuality. It is mathematically expressible physical value. 0,00000....1 * 0,000...0000   

Thats it ladies and gentalman.







Everything has value what a human physically can sense. We sense the Universal mathematical values. Nothing. Space. Time. Energy. Matter. Information. Personality. Individuality. Peace. Love. Unity. Freedom. Responsibility. Power. Good will. Dignity. Diligence. Curiosity. Good will. Everything.

Every entity observable in the Universe Is expressible with the language of the Universe. Mathematics. At least we can say it is One. We sense the presence and we sense how small this physical entity (let it be a thought) is in proportion to everything. Still it has value. It has value in proportion to nothing (what who why how) in our physical reality and We can sense it. We can express everything. Digital reality. Mirrored constantly evolved, safe, individual, Personal Digital Reality. We have to give sense for life for the billions could be out of automatized industries. We have to show the positive values of our positive physical reality. Nothing can be less than nothing. Lower value than nothing do not exist. Opposite values exist. The operate with each other. We can physically observe it and express it. I demand physical reality based basic mathematical understanding. 1*0.


Nothing could be expressed as energy matter and information free space(time)

I suppose space(time) is evolving with a certain rate. Maybe with c2. Az erö amivel szemben a vizsgálható valóságunk realizálódott. The force behind energy and matter evolution. It is a constantly developing system. I think we havent seen a big part of it and it might be bigger than we can imagine.

The storage technology, the developing Artificial Intelligence will open the door to better Human understanding. Alongside the development of Our common digital reality we should prepair humanity for evolving intelligence. We have 7 billion quantum computers ready for cooperation. Freedom. Trust. Clarity. Understanding is a necessity for the co-operation.

Artificial Intelligence is the window to the Universe.

We have to seek and develop human cognition. 1*0 They have to understand theirs own values and an individualised recorded organised digital reality could help the individual development. It is a big data. Beautiful solutions like this are the steps creating our better future. Its value will always be more than nothing. If it would fail we still would learn from it. Such as sunk cost do not exist. It is just our incapability to understand and express, maintain. I am happy. Beautiful work.

Try to sense what nothing means. Space(time) energy, matter, information free nothing.

Observe yourself in proportion to this sense. Observe yourself in proportion to everything you know about the Universe and its processes. How big you are. Very small. But you are for sure one part of this system. It would not be the same if you would not be in it as you are present after 13.8 billion years of cause and causality based evolution. Bio(physical) evolution. We are here in every given moment. Our general positive value evolving with time. We exist beyond our physical reality. We are conscious energy in space(time). We exist with and beyond energy and matter observable as our physical reality. Our body changes few time during our lifespan but we as memories, thoughts, personalities exist and operate on the same fundamentals as we have learned it in our childhood and have realized and with small positive steps evolved to the current me. The principals are the same. We have physical reality based equal right but we are not equal. I want to see my value and technological solutions like this helps to reach it. Good work. Use it well.

Peace Love Unity.

Reason for the Fermi paradox

I think it is our lack of intelligence. We have to reach a certain knowledge, sense and consciousness. LIfe is an individual experience. How could we have contact if we does not have the right tool to express, understand, sense Universal values. Physical reality based mathematics? I mean the sense of nothing, the begining of our universe and mathematical system, is expressible as a space(time), energy, matter, information free nothing. This fundamental mathematical sense is the same throughout space(time). If something present in proportion to this sense that will be a positive(more) value which will be expressable with mathematics at least as one. 1*0 in that first moment of existence. How can we determine where to look for the information we would like to extract when we do not speak the language of the Universe.

I am a philosopher. I think every phyisical entity has some kind of positive mathematical value. We are able to express space, time, energy, matter and information with our mathematical tool. We are able to express humans in a personalized digital reality and we can provide a tool for them to sense theirs existence. We have to clarify mathematics and the general knowledge we provide for them. I would like to conduct resurch on the field of cognitive science use nothing as a basic reference point in cognition. I would use the whole system as one as ever since anything exist nothing is a conception. Something will always exist. Anything we have ever observed is a subset of the set. I believe that mathematically 1*0=0 is not a correct universally acceptable expresssion. I think mathematics can be the language of the Universe as it is originating from the physical reality. 1*0 will always be 1 as nothing is the reference point to sense any physical entity we observe and express it with a natural number like 1. Let it be AI. How you determine its values if you are not able to refere its origins. Zero could indicate a 3 or 4 D energy, matter, information free empty conscious space(time). We have the ability to express any value in proportion to this sense. Peace Love Unity

The Grand theory of everything starts:


Rájöttem hogy 1*0=1

Egy az Isten és én is Egy vagyok. Azt hiszem az Isten kis része vagyok. Azt hiszem hogy a fizikai valóságunk valóság és minden egyes részének valamilyen pozitív értéke van a semmihez képest. Azt hiszem hogy ezt a matematikával ki lehet fejezni.

Rájöttem hogy 1*0=1

Egy az Isten és én is Egy vagyok. Azt hiszem az Isten kis része vagyok. Azt hiszem hogy a fizikai valóságunk valóság és minden egyes részének valamilyen pozitív értéke van a semmihez képest. Azt hiszem hogy ezt a matematikával ki lehet fejezni. 

A matematika azért az Univerzum nyelve mert a fizikai valóságból származik (egy leíró eszköz) A fizikai valóságot pedig ugyanazok az alaptörvények határozzák meg a teljes rendszerben minden pontjában. Minden pontját értelmezheted. Matematikailag kifejezheted. Semmilyen pontja soha kisebb érték mint ami korábban volt nem lesz. 1*0=1 Ez egy anyagi, energetikai, informatikai fejlődési folyamat. Le tudjuk írni?

Ki tudjuk fejezni hogy egy fizikai érték adott matematikai értékét egy adott időpillanatban? Milyen értéket kapunk az kisebb mint az érték ami a korábbi vizsgált időpillanatban volt? Ki tudjuk fejezni a rendszer pozitív fejlődését?

Ki tudod fejezni a fizikai egységet ért általános fejlődést.

Pontosan ki kell fejezni, benne van a rendszerben. Mennyi a semmi?

A rendszer Univerzális referenciapontjait kell megtalálnunk hogy pontosan tudjuk a fizikai értéket kifejezni. Mennyi a Semmi? Mennyi a minden? 1*0

Tér idő energia anyag információ mentes semmi.

Kell-e a teljes rendszert 1 ként értelmeznem? Minden összeköttetésben van, egy tér(idő)ben létezik? Ugyanazok a fizikai alap törvények érvényesek a teljes rendszerben? Létezhet-e újra az az állapot amikor nincs semmi? Lehet-e valaminek fizikailag és informatikailag alacsonyabb értéke mint amilyen 1 időpillanattal korábban volt?

Ha nem már pedig nem akkor nem kellene kimondanunk hogy egy pozitív valóságban létezünk és közös pozitív alapjaink vannak.

Fizikailag, informatikailag (emberiség) egy alapunk van?

Azt hogy az individualitásnak szerepe van és hogy nem hiába van? 0,00..1*0

Ki tudom matematikailag fejezni egy ember pontos értékét? Fizikailag és metafizikailag. Ha igen nem ennek kellene lennie az új gazdasági alapjainknak.

Pozitív értékkifejezés?

Hogy értelmezhetjük a semmit?

Tér idő energia anyag információ mentes semmi? 0?

Ehhez képest mindennek van értéke?

Onnantól fogva hogy valami létezik a semmi csak egy fogalom (vagy fizikailag az observált egység része? - információ, anyag, energia mentes tér idő?) 

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